Scripter required for a role-play game ($350)

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Site-17 is our roleplay site. This allows for everyone, even if they are a member of our group or not, to enjoy an environment that they create with their imagination. There are no rules here, other than players needing to obey Roblox’s terms of service. To get the best experience from Site-17 however, it’s best to let your imagination go wild within the SCPF universe, and to try and get your friends and other players involved. Other players will have a similar idea as you of what they expect when they join the game - that is what makes it even more fun! To ensure all players are following the rules set out by Roblox, Site-17 has a set of community members to moderate it. There are Moderators (those who have decided to support the Foundation via a gamepass), and Head Moderators, who ensure Moderators are up to scratch.

The Team
@devSparkle - Project Leader & Main Developer
@Quinnicious - Development Management
@RafDev - Group Coordinator

You can see our progress so far here:

About The Job

We’re looking for a scripter (mainly), preferably with a building expertise (if you’re a builder - reach out to us and depending on our needs we’ll inform you if we require a builder), to assist us getting our game in compliance with the Featured Game Guidelines, do a remastered version of the game, and in the long-run assist us in publishing new and exciting updates to the game.


Payment fluctuates between each developer depending on productivity and the amount of tasks finished within a certain period of time. The estimated payment for this project is R$100,000 - equivalent to $350.
We pay in Robux and USD, depends on the developer’s preference.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us through my DevForum Profile - simply send me a private message.
You must be 14 years old or older to apply.
The position requires you to sign a legally-binding contract.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Could you please be clear on what is required of the scripter?

Could you be a bit more specific on the job?

From the looks of it you want a scripter (who also has experience building) to basically re-code your game and do the building.

If so, can you be a bit specific on the tasks that the scripter may be doing? I’m interested in applying but a little more info is needed before I go through.


Sent you a DM, I hope to work with you!

Hey, thanks for commenting.

The scripter will be required to re-program certain parts of the system, and add features to the game. The features are still undecided though you can only imagine what we can add to a role-playing game.

In addition, the scripter will be required to overhaul a significant part of the codebase, and work with our most up-to-date modules to ensure the game meets the most rigorous scripting and performance standards.

The game’s category is Sci-Fi horror, which portrays a futuristic secret facility in which unknown anomalies are contained. Each player has a different role and we must keep the game updated with exciting features for the different roles.

Hi, please read my message above.


I am interested in the builder position and I have sent you a message

Just a note, minors cannot legally bind themselves into contracts… So if you want the contract to hold up, you cannot have the position open to minors.
Refer to:

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Our contract requires the legal guardian’s signature too.
Thanks for reaching out anyway :slight_smile:

Got it.
Mind adding me on Discord? George#2294
Would love to talk about the job :slight_smile:

For the initial vetting progress please send me a message with your previous work and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Thanks for taking the time to reply though!

We’re still looking for applicants guys!
Be sure to talk to us if you have any questions.

Hello! Just wondering if I was denied (since your still looking for applicants), never got a response in dms, Thanks. -HiddenKaiser

We don’t have results yet for anyone, just looking for more applicants.


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