Scripting a "screen"

So… Basically, I’m a beginner scripter. I’ve been interested in scripting for a long time, but it’s just that learning it takes a lot of time. I’m currently trying to do that through making some fun projects.

I’m a basic builder. I built an example theatre just for fun and thought about making it into a conference hall. I really wanted to know, is there any way possible to create custom screens that would display basically your character. So… like a secret “camera” would be watching you. I wanted to know, if it’s possible to create a camera moving with you and display it somehow on a screen.

Before creating a thread, you must always, of course, try creating it yourself somehow. I’ve watched a lot of videos, watched tutorials on surfaceGUIs but nothing seems to really work. I always run into an error.

I know it might seem like a big step for a developer not knowing really anything other than the most basic things, but the more you get interested in a subject, the more you want to learn it.

I do not want anyone to give me an entire script on how to do that, but a lead to something I could read or watch would be perfect. Just want to learn more, you know!

you can make use of ViewportFrames

the code will not be simple for beginners, you could make use of this code someone made to display your character. but this don’t show the surroundings, you have to figure out how to do that.

it’s possible, because EgoMoose made a portal that shows surroundings using ViewportFrames!


Thank you so much!
You helped me out a lot. I’ll try to now see what I can do. :3