Scripts sometimes don't save in TC

This bug started to happen a month ago or something.
I would edit the script as normal in a TC with another player, close it, get disconnected sometimes, come back to see the script not save. Worse, is that the script recovery was the old script, too.

Sometimes, simply just closing the script doesn’t register the change.


If it helps at all, this definitely is not a new bug. Way older than a month.


I have never in my scripting life had a script saved with Team Create on.


You have to close the tab for it to save. However, the issue is that sometimes it doesn’t save it. I don’t know how to reproduce it, and I don’t know when exactly it started.

I’ve refused to script with team create on for a long time, unless I was making minor changes. So this hasn’t personally happened to me in a long time.

I feel like the bug would be fixed all together if we got team editing for scripts, like in that one hackweek project, since if we had that the scripts would constantly update to the server. But that could take a lot longer to make than fixing this bug, if we get a repro for this.

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I know you have to close the tab. It has still never saved, ever.