ScriptSaver+! - Save/share your scripts with datastores easily!

You can get it here:

Hi, this is ScriptSaver+.
This plugin is made for saving and loading scripts which you can keep on datastores.

This can be used to share scripts between multiple places, with multiple people, etc.
If you’re scared something might corrupt, this is useful too.

It can save some other Instances, but the properties of these other instances aren’t gonna be filled up. This menas it’s compatible with RemoteEvents, RemoteFunctions, BindableEvents, and BindableFunctions with no issue.

All scripts will be saved, Modules, Scripts, LocalScripts, etc.

All scripts and it’s data is COMPRESSED before being saved. You can easily disable this compression.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t this be in #resources:community-resources ?

No, not exactly. Cool Creations works for this as well, mostly importantly no one can steal your code without your permission and re-post it here. The more you know :wink:

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Also, what was wrong with the Google Drive link? I could watch it just fine.

I was thinking, this isn’t decided, I might make a module to allow you to get data from this that allows you to load up scripts and update scripts through this plugin. This is an idea which I’m not sure of, since Packages from my knowledge take a bunch of time to update, so I’m not sure about that, but yeah, I think maybe it could be useful.

This is not something I settled with, just really something I was thinking about.

Cool Creations is kinda for feedback though, I kinda agree with @IceTheOneAndOnly.