Scroll Frame Increments/Speed

Referring to: ScrollingFrames need a ScrollSpeed/ScrollSensitivity property

I am trying to use a ScrollingFrame and I have only a small frame to work with, and as a result, when scrolling through the frame, buttons are missed out entirely and can only be accessed if you drag the scrollbar down, which defeats the purpose of my ScrollingFrame.

As there is physically no way to change the speed/incrementation of the frame, is there a work around I could utilise?

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Yes, you could probably use a combination of InputBegan/InputChanged (they are available as events on the ScrollingFrame directly, no UserInputSevice necessary) and CanvasPosition although I’m not too sure how to implement this myself to override the default behavior.

But there is this: SmoothScroll Module [Superseded by Roblox Update 421]

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