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I only made this for fun, don’t get mad at me if it isn’t good, I stopped working on it months ago.

lol.rbxl (1.1 MB)

Keep in mind:

  1. It’s meant to be a base to code on top of rather than a ready and polished system, it’s probably bad in the current state, so feel free to share your version.

  2. I tried to make the variable names as detailed as possible so that anyone can understand the code mostly by reading it, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

  3. The network ownership of the boat: my code sets it to the first player to join the server, because I was the only person testing, but if you’re going to use this somewhere else you might want to change this, maybe to the closest player, idk.

  4. All boats in the file are from the toolbox.

  5. You can change the resolution of the mesh, I wanted to make it as high as possible but couldn’t make a good LOD system so the planes I’m using are the sweet spot I found, but I think their mesh resolution is a bit high to use without LODs, it’s up to you.

  6. You might want to change the bones to editable meshes in the near future.

  7. You might also integrate this with octrees, even without LODs it could help a lot with performance, but as I said I only made this for fun so I didn’t go that deep.

  8. Although the planes’ render fidelity is set to automatic I don’t think it’s working (something to do with it not being uploaded to Roblox, even though I think it is uploaded), when turning on wireframe view you can see it, in an older version of this project planes far away used to reduce their geometry, but looks like in this version they aren’t, I don’t know why.


For anybody who wants to know what this resource looks like:


Thank you! 30 chaaaaaaars

Looks really good :fire:
You should add the videos to your post

Thank you!

I forgot to link them, but bluebxrrybot did it for me so I don’t see why linking them again.

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