Search bar for group assets in Toolbox

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to search for images/models/audio/meshes at the toolbox in the group images/models/audio/meshes tabs.

Problem is it currently takes way to long to find your images or models inside from a group inside the toolbox. Because you have to scroll all the way down depending were it is located. What takes sometime a lot of time, time that you could use into other things.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, the solution is easy, a search bar to find everything since we and probally more people have named everything and would be easier to find the assets based on the name or keyword in the search bar. This will also improve the work flow, specially for UI Designers that work with group images.


This is just how it could look like.

I have waited until the new toolbox update incase it would have been added to it. But it didn’t.


With the many recent toolbox improvements and updates, I’m surprised such a basic feature for being able to search group assets still has not been added.


when browsing group models/images/meshes in the toolbox, the search bar completely disappears and is replaced by the group selection


Thanks for the feedback here. I’ve logged this under our Quality of Life bucket to address.


It’s been almost 3 years since my post about this and we still do not have a search bar for group images, models and so on. We already got a quality of life update here but didn’t include the group search bar.

Is this still planned? As we at our studio are really missing this feature specially for the search of older images.

Our current workaround it is to put important images we use a lot like icons in a seperated place on a GUI. Like this:

But for images we don’t use a lot we still would need the search bar so we don’t need to scroll for like 10 minutes down to only realize you skipped it.


I was just wishing a search bar existed while searching for some assets for Jailbreak. I’d love to see this happen.


How is this feature still not implemented? It’s been 3 years…

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Sorry for the delay in response and thank you for the feedback! We’re currently working on addressing this request and hope you’ll like the future result and continue to give us feedback once it’s ready!