Search pages are too cluttered

When navigating to the Search pages [Find Job / Find Creator] the spacing between the navigation bar, center container, and the footer is too cluttered.

The content of the search pages feels jammed together and not very easy to view content in it.


Although the Creators page isn’t as bad as the Find Jobs page…

  • The top bar has a lot of empty space
  • The search field and filter don’t really need that much space
  • It would be helpful if we can look at multiple job listings without the need to scroll immediately if we want to find more


We also agree that there are not as many search results visible at a given scroll. This is one of the many things we’re iterating on and pushing forward - the design system which is now used on Creator Dashboard as well as Talent Hub is still in its infancy, and as it matures for all our creator resource products, you will see issues such as padding continue to improve (particularly on larger screens).



If you want some GUI and layout designs on the Talent Hub, let me know.
I’m willing to help out anyway I can, I’ve been trying to work on some layouts on trying to make things better like this one. It’s not the best edit but I think that it shows the layout pretty good.


It also might be a good idea to have it go automatically to the top of the listings when you go to the next page, as it’s a hassle to scroll all the way up to just go back down.