Searching audio with "sfx" always returns the same results

Reproduction Steps

Search for any type of audio and add “sfx” at the end of your search. You will always get the same result as long as “sfx” is in your search query. This also happens for the Toolbox in studio.

Expected Behavior

I expect different results for different search queries that include “sfx.”

Actual Behavior

If you include “sfx” in your search query, you will always get the same results.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-05-05 10:05:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-05-19 11:05:00 (-07:00)


There might also not be a specific sound you want, or rather in a high enough quality. If something isn’t there, then it can’t be found. If that makes sense.

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You’ve completely misunderstood this bug report. It’s a bug, not a feature request. This never used to happen until sometime this month.

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The issue is due to Roblox privating audios, partially. This means there aren’t enough sounds readily available for you to use or find. I understand your intent with the report, however, a search algorithm like this is using the keys you give it. If someone puts sfx anywhere in the title, then it will be found as such. When searching “splash sfx” and “sword swing sfx”, I got many different results. Sure, some audio were reoccurring, but that is to be expected with any search algorithm. After searching for a few minutes, you can find something. This time consuming method is standard with the current thing we have as to why I suggested features to improve it. A genre system for audios would help discovery.

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No. The issue is not due to audios being made private. This bug started weeks after that happened. Like I said before, this used to not be an issue. Before you repeat again that it’s simply the lack of audios that match my query, that is not the case. I know for a fact that there are audios uploaded by the Roblox account that match what I’m looking for.

This is not the place to make suggestions or feature requests for audio discovery. Like I said earlier, this is a bug report.


(both the website and toolbox do the exact same thing)

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you know i think this should be listed as a lot higher, i have encountered this problem a couple of days ago and it’s basically impossible to find somewhat good sound effects, which is key for my games since their usually based on combat

it would be really cool if the audio section of the toolbox was actually usable :scream:


Have to agree with the person that said that setting impact as “High” isn’t giving this issue enough credit, finding sound effects has turned into a royal pain because search terms that used to give proper and relevant results now give out audios ranging from “Windows XP Shutdown Sound” and “IMA FIRN MAH LAZOR” to “Human_Heartbeat_Half_Slow_02”.

But hasn’t the Toolbox been this way for a long time?
If you search “round Part” you’ll always get hits on “round” as well as “Part”.
If you search “wedge Part” you’ll get the same “Part” hits you got in the first case.

Maybe their search AI recently added “sfx” to its search filter?

What you just described isn’t what’s happening in this case. If this was what you described, then I’d be getting some different results instead of the exact same results. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem, I just know that it shouldn’t be happening because it didn’t happen before.

As you can see, back in March of this year searching “[name] (SFX)” was the recommended way for finding different sound effects. I even did it myself back then and had no issues whatsoever. This issue with the results only begun recently.

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The search was ok up until a few weeks ago for me. Finding sound effects has become a hair ripping experience and I don’t want to waste upload limit slots for something that already exists or face a roulette of inconsistent moderation or copyright.

This new update has absolutely destroyed the ability to find sounds. The keyword matching is just completely broken and turns up utter nonsense while flooding the results with music spam. I was able to search for audios just fine, even with the private audio update, before they implemented this new menu. Additionally, removing the ability to display all audios by a given user has been crippling, as I often used this method to fill in the blanks where the search failed.

Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll take a look at it! I’ll come back with updates when will be possible.


I’m also experiencing this issue and, I tried putting in what i want in quotations, in my case ““sirens” (sfx)” and it’s given the exact same results, it’s really irritating for this to happen because its next to impossible to find the actual result you’re looking for, like “Chaos” in my screenshot, it’s not what I am looking for nor is it even a sound effect
edit: i even had it on Roblox uploads only and changing it back gives the exact same results

With the introduction of the new Creator Marketplace on the web, this problem has been fixed in the toolbox and on the website.

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