Searching Audios gives me irrelevant results

Before I begin, I’d like to make note of a previous bug report, I’m experiencing the same issue they had now even though it was marked as ‘Fixed’ in April 2023. Previous Report

It doesn’t matter if I have ‘Show ID unverified creators’ on or off it will give me the same results.
Here I’ve searched for specific elements I need and the following results I got:

Another thing I’d like to state is that the Audio Category and Tags is completely ruined. Example below (This is in my bicycle bell search)

I believe this issue was fixed to some extent but was never fully ‘Fixed’ as I’m still experiencing this issue now.

System Information: Intel(R) Core™ i7-4600U CPU @ 2.10GHz

Enabled Betas:

  • Assistant Preview
  • EditableImage and EditableMesh
  • Face Capture
  • Live Animation Editor
  • Material Generator
  • Material Picker
  • Multilayer Wrap Fix
  • New Audio API (Was doing it before enabling this)
  • New Base Materials
  • New Studio Camera Controls
  • Notched Screen Support
  • Path 2D Instance
  • Terrain Editor
  • Texture Generator
  • UIListLayout Flex Features

Hi @wpnfcj, thanks for filing a bug report.

We have been looking into audio searches and will be doing some work in the coming months to improve them. Your feedback is helpful in letting us know what changes would help the most. In this case I think you had a search that exactly matched one of our autogenerated tags (‘Bicycle Bell’). This caused a lot of results tagged as ‘Bicycle Bell’ to appear. Some of these tags are unfortunately not the most accurate which is why your search returned sounds that were bell-like but not exactly bicycle bells.

The vast majority of publicly searchable audio is uploaded by id verified creators so you likely will not get different results by toggling it off.

Can you explain what you mean by ruined? Is the main issue here that the tags are not related to the sound?

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Exactly, having unrelated tags makes it difficult for me and potentially lots of others to find audios in their experiences.

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I think tags should just either be not taken account of or just add a new filter for tags. I don’t understand how merging audio names and tags in the same filter could be a good idea.

I would also like to point out that for some reason, doing multiple search queries with the same text (eg: wind) will sometimes give you SFX and other times random unrelated music.
image image

Furthermore, I find that the filters provided to us (ex: Genres, Duration) either do not work properly or are not enough in most cases to find the target audio. As an example, there’s no real filter to separate SFX from music, there’s a lack of filters in general (horror etc) and the duration filters don’t work half of the time.

Lastly, I find the sound cards (where the name, creator and tags are displayed) to be way too clutered which causes more important parts to be cut off by less important ones. It works fine if the toolbox is extended but for it to work well it has to be extended well outside my comfort zone.