See What's Coming in 2018: This Year's Developer Roadmap


Universe scripts YES YES YES, remade my matchmaking to just put users in a random match but actual matchmaking YEET


Correct, you are allowed to tell players about how the social media link is displayed on the social media list. Though, you are not allowed to directly link to it on the game(s) description.


Yeah, pointing to social media is fine, but can I mention the word “Discord” in the description? Currently it’s blocked by the text filter. It’s important that I clarify which social media link can be used to provide feedback if only one of multiple are an outlet for feedback.

Remove "Discord" from the text filter blacklist

There are some very interesting features that I would love to be seen implemented at some point in the next year, this is promising.

Could we get news on site updates such as the very long awaited and much requested group page overhaul?

Games aren’t the only things that need attention.


I will finally be able to use studio without having to put on some eclipse glasses.


This is intentional to ensure players do not directly link to Discord links outside of future official channels.

While I do agree, developers need a way to specify where they would like player feedback. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to specify if a word is white listed from the game description.

You can use the following wording or anything else similar to it when communicating with your players: For game feedback, the best way to contact me is to check out the social media links listed on the Game Details Page.

Remove "Discord" from the text filter blacklist

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:

My faves:

  • Universe Script & Game Services
  • Automatic Image Quality
  • Social Media Links
  • 100 Player Games
  • Notifications to Players


really looking forward to these changes!


So uhh… where are the promised updates to groups? :thinking:


especially loving this quarter


This :clap: is :clap: amazing.
The future is bright indeed! Thanks for much for the transparency.


That’s not going to work. We should know by now after moving to the current text filter due to blacklisting not working and moderation dealing with Imgur bypasses such as /Aas8s.png that blacklisting Discord doesn’t actually make the site safer, and only hurts legitimate developers.


I saw nothing I didn’t like.


Dark theme and Discord links my guys.


Oh hell yea!!


So many awesome updates, thanks roblox!


Does this mean we might see the 5k limit get removed??? :eyes:


I was also hoping for a timeline on a group revamp

I thought 2014 was the year, then 2015, then 2016, then 2017 (after RDC I thought it was a sure-thing) now 2018 isn’t?

groups are not aging well man


As was said, its alright if we point to the social media buttons on the game’s page (without putting links or specifically mentioning discord). Though i want to double check if its the same case for inside the game where for an example, we put a discord logo and say like “Check out our social media on the game’s page!”

Another thing I asked though the staff member who replied was not sure about the answer, Would it be alright if we say something like [for example] “Check out Roblox_Omar’s pinned tweet for links to our social media!” Thought I’d ask in here in case there is an answer for it in the future.


Discord links on game pages is all we need, this fixes all of the issues players have had with the discord link ban.