See What's Coming in 2018: This Year's Developer Roadmap


Future is Bright and Real time CSG.


Very happy about this one, hopefully my suggestion about players above the age of 13 being able to see the links (which can be found here) had some influence in this new awesome change!

(now lets get it to the groups page as well!)


I like these so far. What else can I say?
My personal plan highlights:


Discord web-hooks soon?

Come on, who isn’t already dying for this?


Discord banned Roblox requests to their webhooks, actually. It was too easy to spam their webhooks with requests, far surpassing the limit. You can still use a proxy to get around it, though.


I probably should’ve rephrased it to “discord web-hooks return soon?” rather than this. I still have pretty low expectations.


DISCORD :smiley: DARK THEME :smiley:
thank you!!!


This has no influence on webhooks. The two matters are completely unrelated.


Bit late but very good job :))



I sure hope so


This is so amazing o-o


Still no. It was Discord’s decision, not Roblox. Discord is not even going to consider unblocking Roblox until HttpService becomes robust enough to support Discord rate limiting.


100% was from those free robux scam games logging everything


There’s some great stuff here! It’s great to see staff taking our suggestions seriously :slight_smile:


We’re going to do this one in multiple phases. Phase 1 likely will keep the 5K limit. Worth noting is that we have a limitation in our old clustering system that limits the meshes to around 30K verts (which is between 10K and 60K triangles depending on the mesh efficiency). But yeah - definitely limits will be relaxed at some point, I’m just not sure this will happen with the first LOD release.


Studio’s dark theme is coming soontm

For anyone looking to update their plugin widgets to support the dark theme, you will be able to TEMPORARILY access the value of the studio theme via:

settings().Studio["UI Theme"]

There will be a new Studio only Enum called UITheme:

Enum UITheme
	EnumItem UITheme.Light : 0
	EnumItem UITheme.Dark : 1

PLEASE NOTE: We intend to break this method in the future in favor of a proper “Studio Color Scheme” API. Be prepared for this to stop working in the future.

Studio Dark Theme
Studio Dark Mode Issues

That and everyone using Discord to log errors.


Oh neat!

As far as the automatic LODs will the developer be uploading the low/mid/high versions or will it just automatically be calculated like CSG hitboxes?


Can’t wait for these updates :smiley: I also cant wait for whats to come in the future.


What’s that Sentry nooo discord yes game chat for error logging :ok_hand: