Self-Expression Campaign: Fashion & Beauty on Roblox

The Roblox marketing team is creating a campaign that intersects culture, the platform and Self-Expression. We aim to tell a multipronged story that showcases the inspiration, creativity and innovations via fashion and beauty on Roblox.

From customizing your avatar via fashion and beauty across the platform to using technology like layered clothing, faces, and modules like the Merch Booth in your experience or even creating unique UGC items, we want to showcase some of the community’s best work.

What we’re looking for:

We’re seeking work from our Community both Creators and Developers to feature as part of our upcoming Self-Expression Campaign: Fashion and Beauty on Roblox. We are looking for innovative and one-of-a-kind experiences that showcase Fashion and Beauty as a form of Self-Expression and trendsetting, unique Layered Clothing designs.

The type of work we are looking for could include but is not limited to:

  • An innovative make-up and face editor inside an experience
  • Usage of self-expression developer modules such as the Merch Booth and/or Avatar Editor in an experience with a custom twist
  • Fashion design modules or quests and/or fashion shows inside your experience
  • Unique wardrobes and/or shopping experiences
  • Custom, one-of-a-kind layered clothing designs available in the Avatar Shop or inside an experience
  • And more…

If selected, your experience or designs would be featured in our Self-Expression: Fashion and Beauty on Roblox campaign both on Roblox and off-platform across various channels including social media.

More information

Experiences :house:

What type of experiences we are looking for:

We’re looking for creative, innovative worlds that enable users to express themselves through Fashion and Beauty inside your experience.

To be included in the campaign your experience must:

  • Abide by our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use
  • Be original work. No featured elements will be accepted if they infringe on copyright or are duplicates of existing spaces.
  • Must be an approved developer and/or partner
  • Experience must be available in all locales and localized
  • Experience must work on all devices

If you’re interested, please submit your experience and a brief blurb of the Fashion and Beauty elements inside of it to be considered for inclusion in our campaign. If the elements are not live yet but are slated to launch by August, please provide any supplementary assets that show what is. Note: These elements must be live at the time the campaign launches.

*Submission does not guarantee your experience will be selected for featuring.

Layered Clothing :tshirt:

What type of Layered Clothing designs we are looking for:

We’re looking for creative, innovative designs that leverage the Layered Clothing technology.

To be included in the campaign your designs must:

  • Abide by our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use
  • Be original work. No featured designs will be accepted if they infringe on copyright or are duplicates of existing designs in the catalog.
  • Must be an approved UGC creator and/or partner
  • Virtual item must be a layered clothing piece(s)

If you’re interested, please submit up to 5 designs to be considered for inclusion in our campaign. These designs can already be live in the catalog.

*Submission does not guarantee your items will be selected for featuring.

Submission and Selection :memo:

Submission Process

  • OBJs of the virtual item(s) must be included
  • Initial LC item design must be submitted for review no later than July 8th.
  • If your design is selected, a team member will reach out to you and the final LC item must be delivered no later than July 22nd.
  • The Roblox team needs to review and approve the items.
  • Roblox requires 5 business days to review and approve
  • If you’re selected for featuring, Legal approval will be required via your signature on contract that states your approval for us to leverage your assets in our marketing materials. If a participant is between 13 and 17, their parent or guardian will need to sign the agreement.

Benefits of being chosen

  • Awareness with Roblox users and fans both on and off-platform: Reach millions of eyeballs by featuring on Roblox-owned channels both on and off the platform through social media, Paid UA, event page and more.
  • Traffic to your experience: Through on-platform exposure and featuring on the Event Page, users will be driven directly into your experience or to purchase your items in the Avatar Shop.
  • Promotional materials tied to the broader campaign: Roblox will create promotional materials tied to the Self-Expression Campaign that you will be able to use on your own channels.
  • Industry awareness through a robust communication strategy: Tied to the broader campaign is a robust communication strategy in which your experience would be featured in (exact details of featuring TBC) aimed at both consumer and trade media.
  • Potential for additional reach and featuring pending campaign results and partnership some examples include:
    • Featuring on the Partners page on Corporate site
    • Testimonials and case studies

*Submission does not guarantee featuring.
**Channels being activated for the campaign are subject to change.
***You must be at least 13 years old to participate. All those selected for featuring will be contacted directly regarding next steps.


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alright gonna make a clothing store that you don’t buy clothes in but you express yourself in fashion with a very detailed avatar editor


But in all seriousness, this is a pretty good campaign thing Roblox, I definitely agree with the idea and everything about it. A step in the right direction. Very cool. Going to have to get creating something unique I guess!


What if I’m not a UGC creator?
I do layered clothing stuff I haven’t uploaded anything because I’m pretty bad at contacting people to make collaborations.
Can I still participate?


This looks like a really well thought out partnership. It aligns with the future vision of the Roblox platform while giving Roblox developers the chance to directly involve their work.

Really excited to see this opportunity. Hoping to see more like this in the future!


Looking forward for this! Let’s push fashion and beauty on roblox together!


100% True! I agree, this is a wonderful opportunity for developers!


This is a very interesting and unique event. I’m excited to create something along the lines of this event in my experience.


Pushing fashion and beauty? As long as it doesn’t involve judging people by how they look or interfere with judging them by their actions and personality! I mean, to me, I think fashion itself is superficial to an extent. There’s more to life than clothing and accessories.


Those who claims that Roblox events are only low-quality sponsors, I think this is a good start for Roblox.


Of course. As long as they work in your game


Is this why DevForum stopped post apploval?


I feel severely limited as a developer because we cannot layer recolorable makeup on skinned MeshPart faces.

Decals do not respect UV layouts, which is important for so many reasons (they do for SpecialMeshes, but those don’t support skinning.) It’s a huge pain figuring out how a decal will project onto a MeshPart, and it doesn’t even work if the face curves more than 45 degrees (which noses often do.)

I want to implement diverse face paint and detailed patterns for realistic animals, but I can’t because the engine falls short. I can’t migrate my rigs to MeshParts with realistic skinned animations because of this so people are stuck with old models.


What do you mean by this, as this is incredibly vague. By ‘approved developer’ it sounds like you are only willing to collaborate with top-devs which have previously partnered with Roblox, which I hope is not the case. In the form it doesn’t even mention this point at all which is weird.


With this do you mean using inside the experience items for the avatar or items from the inventory that you own to equip them.

And I didn’t understand this very well. Making our face editor to create faces inside the experience?

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They likely mean with the new dynamic heads that were recently fully released.


Then It means modelling dynamic heads, animating them?

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I know tons of talented UGC and layered clothing/accessory designers that should participate! Hopefully, this will also encourage more developers to try out the field of 3D-modeling!


Oh boy… Where am I going to start?

Most of us already know that clothing stores mainly profit off of young children who apart of the Slender and CnP demographics.
Therefore, I believe we’re going to expect hundreds upon thousands of these submissions. They’ll be plaguing the results, making it harder to handpick actual decent ones.

Please, whatever you do, just do not pick these stores. The community involved within and designed for them are one of the most toxic communities you can find on the platform (and perhaps one of the cringiest, if you beat them at their own game, that is) and it would NOT look good for Roblox, especially when People Make Games made a statement about it.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but it can be if they get picked.


So, today is the last day to submit LC designs?