Semi-transparent objects won't appear through a semi-transparent glass

  1. Crete a part with any transparency between 0 and 1 and set its material as “Glass”
  2. Crete another part behind the glass and set its transparency in the same way

Baseplate.rbxl (20.6 KB)


This is not a bug, this is an intentional behavior of the glass material that was made to prevent large performance impacts when using glass with non-opaque objects. If you carefully read this post you will see that, this behavior, may or may not change in the future

Warning: Non-opaque Objects - Non-opaque objects are currently not visible through glass. This includes, but is not limited to, transparent parts, decals on transparent parts, particles, and world-space gui objects. This behavior matches the refraction on high quality smooth terrain water. This was implemented so refraction wouldn’t have a large performance impact. This behavior may change. We do not recommend relying on this behavior for gameplay.

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You can actually solve this by making your transparent part be represented by a transparent texture in a SurfaceAppearance. The new SurfaceAppearance object has a new approach to transparent textures which allows them to be drawn behind glass, as well as drawn next to lots of other transparent objects with no sorting error (the flicker that you traditionally see with lots of transparency next to each other).


You could also use this behavior of glass for some neat effects like making a room appear empty from one side and appear filled with furniture or something on the other.

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