Semistare | Programmer


Hello! I’m an 18 year old developer based in California. I started playing Roblox late 2012 and instantly got fascinated by the idea of being able to create everything and anything that could be imagined.

I have a background in development outside of Roblox (Unreal Engine and web development) and have created a workflow that can easily be implemented into new and existing projects. Organization and efficiency are very important to me – that is to say I like having a plan jumping into a project.

As someone who started off with small under-funded projects I can understand how hard it is to find competent developers at a low price, that is why I strive to be as budget friendly as possible.


At the moment I am only including recent projects in my showcase. This is because of personal changes I made to my production working environment and workflow.

Mannequin+ - a plugin designed that allows designers to quickly display and sell clothing in-game.

Alderaan - revamping critical outdated systems including weapons, customization utilities, and more.

Star Wars: Battlefield - provided assistance with security vulnerabilities throughout my time as co-owner of the group.

Sleet Clan - former developer (group shutdown.)


Animated Door - really basic commission for an animated door. Designed to be re-used multiple times in game and can be visually re-designed.

Animated Door Code - server-sided code from the example above.

Basic Explorer Setup - basic example of what to expect in terms of organization. This snippet comes from a project that was just recently started and does not contain much content at the moment. Most if not all of the codebase will be modular.


Generally speaking I am available throughout the week with exceptions of Wednesday and Sunday afternoon (anything past 4PM PST I will be at work until the next day.) If you have any specific questions regarding scheduling feel free to ask!


I’m currently open to accepting PayPal and USD as sources of payment. Price varies on the project size and time constraints.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord: Xavier#1234