Send SMS and Email in-game

A game that was developed at the DC Science Festival on Saturday.
It uses HTTP service, and sends from an email address.

Edit: Right now only the top US carriers are used for SMS. If you live outside the US the SMS probably won’t work for you, but Dade can get your carriers in. Just post them below.

SMS isn’t working

Please try to provide me as much detail as possible. Just saying “something isn’t working” doesn’t help at all.

I enter in my phone number without a 1 or “-” and put in the title Hello World then text is Bye World, clicked submit, it waits a bit then clears the form, I wait for a while but nothing is sent to my phone

Are any of you guys outside of the US?
That may be a problem.

im onto ur tricks

It sent an SMS to me 10 minutes later

Neato, sent myself a text. Though it was sent 3 times, that certainly could be Sprints fault.

Or the games, lol. That happened to Greg today.

This is what I got

I feel like this is Sprint now. AT&T works fine. Anyone with other carriers here that can test those out?

Do you have an iPhone?

Got mine instantly, only sent once.

T-Mobile, lol

I’m on verizon, but I really don’t feel comfortable entering any of my personal communication info on a roblox game.

Used this to freak my mom out, sending her texts like ‘I’m watching you’ and ‘It’ll be over soon.’

She ran in my room freaking out and I sent her one saying it was me. Feel bad, but at the same time it was pretty funny.

This is crazy cool. What services do you use to deliver the messages?

Well for the messages I’d think he is using mail() from php. he could be using the same for sms but… not exactly sure.

I can try boost mobile in a bit.

This could be useful for game reports. Do you mind releasing the source?

lives in Europe

Rather scared to try and use SMS service…