Sending Emails + Texts from a server

Note: The interface shown in both examples was created just for me to use - Many were getting confused that I would release this and it’d ask for users personal information…This was just a fun project for myself

Sending an Email:

After success with sending emails I decided to experiment with SMS texting and I managed that as well!

Sending a Text:

For the most part I had fun doing it :joy::joy:


Its crazy

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Cool stuff dude!

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Would be cool if you did a tutorial on how to set this stuff up :wink:


Looks like you’re just using the sendgrid api.


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I would find this useful in many areas of development. Love it.

Wow cool, isn’t the http service great? lol

If they have their own web server, they can do it as well.

I would love to use this to send out newsletters as an opt-in thing for Nexus Development, but my guess is asking for and storing emails, encrypted or not, is massively against the terms of service.


Yeah it is :confused:

If only there was some sort of feature we could get to solve this problem.