Sending messages via discord to roblox

Is there any way I can send a message via discord to roblox?

.chat Hello
.givepoints Coins 100

This could really help me with my game.

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I think you could be interested in my discord-roblox and reverse messaging system I open sourced earlier today, it’s not exactly what you requested, but it’s quite similar and I’m sure you can make the connection when you read through the code and comments!


And these messages are roblox chat messages?

Okay no they aren’t, but I’m sure I can change it

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I opened the place you sent as rblx file. What do i do now?

You should read the code, and read the code of the backend.js file on github, the serverscript and the backend send data to each other and process it

(If you have specific questions about the code, please ask me them on discord: Paige#3198)