Sensei's Gun Kit

Hi everyone, I made a gun kit because I felt like I could help other developers with their games. Yes, I’m aware that FE gun kit is far more versatile and more customizable than this, but hey why not give it a try

Here’s the model and RBXM
gun kit thing.rbxm (49.4 KB)

Here’s some features of the gun kit:

  • Easy to understand rigging system, to help you rig your tool. Doesn’t matter if it’s the right hand or handle, just go rig whatever you want
  • Hitscan and Projectile options. The pros and cons are listed inside of the Config file.
  • Mobile compatible
  • Satisfying hit / kill feedback
  • Customizable (but not to an extend as the FE gun kit)

Here’s a few screenshots of the Config file

Here’s a demo video:


  • I use the FastCast module for the projectile calculations. Very cool module, check it out
  • In the video, I intentionally screwed up the rigging part to show how you can customize it. Just didn’t show it in the video lol
  • This system is based off of the gun system in one of my games, Dummies vs Noobs. It was de-spaghettified and modified to make it more versatile and customizable

Any bugs? Problems? Don’t hesitate to let me know.
Happy config’ing!


thank u sensei now i can be a roblox dev!


Everytime you aim slightly down, the bullet tracers don’t appear.

(I’m holding down M1 the entire time)


Not a bug. The projectiles are long so they’re hitting the ground instantly and due to that they get deleted before you could even see them.


This is because your projectiles are moving very fast, despite being in hit scan mode. Since you enabled dynamic tracker scaling, it stretches the tracer as if it were a projectile. You can turn down the projectile speed to fix this



  • Added ReloadMethod option, ‘Individually’ or ‘EntireClip’ are options.
  • Added pellets option, to determine how much pellets your gun shoots every shot
  • ReloadFinish options, to display an animation/sound when your gun finishes reloading (only applies to ‘Individually’ option of ReloadMethod)

Fantastic gun kit!

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Genuinely good gun kit i’m not gonna lie

I’ve seldom seen a gun kit that is actually made to be more simple and understandable, and same kinda applies with the code


Is it able to do scope kinda thing?

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Well… not really…
It can only ‘Zoom’ in and out. Not any scope stuff yet

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  • (Hopefully) fixed the bug where the crosshair would become offsetted by a bit
  • Patched up some unnecessary code
  • Added 4 new config options; RicochetTags, DamageMultipliers, VerticalRecoil and HorizontalRecoil
    ^ RicochetTags determines what parts (and/or their parents) with a certain tags should be designated to deflect gunshots
    ^ DamageMultipliers is well… self explanatory. You can decide the whitelisted part names should multiply damage, and by how much
    ^ The recoil stuffs are self explanatory.
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  • Added FirstPersonArms configuration
  • Added a model link inside the “READ ME” if you want some cool gun meshes
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I don’t know how does ricochet work, I just don’t understand what are you saying.

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This may or may not need a plugin to help. I recommend you download a tag editor plugin.
Inside the config table, type in a name of the tag that you’ll attach onto stuff. For example, I want a part with the “Reflect” tag, so I’d type in:

["RicochetTags"] = {

Then, use the plugin to assign a part with that tag.
Also, make sure you're using the updated version because the older ones I forgot to patch a bug where richochets didn't happen
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Thanks, It would be nice if ricochet system is simple, but it’s fine, also add hitfx for different materials and multiple sounds for one hitfx. like ricochet. really cool system for new players into roblox studio to use.


So there’s a problem with the gun, if it has no rigging it simply falls through the floor out of your hands, but if you enable this it wont fall off
I’m suggesting that if the gun has no rigging then this should enable itself


Alright I’ll look into that. thanks for letting me know

Great gun kit!
Works fantastic imo.
One problem I have though is that the Ammo seems to be client sided…
Like exploiters could just give themseves infinite ammunition without reloading
Also it seems like they could give themselves super fire rate as well

Wrong wrong wrong

If the creator is moving the bullet in both server and client, he should be fine

He’s only doing the good way to replicate bullets so it can be smoooth

I’m not too sure what you mean, but I’m guessing as long as the bullet is replicated between server and client for smooth gameplay its fine?