Separate Chat and Chatbar on SetCoreGuiEnabled

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to toggle off or on the core chat and core chat bar seperate from one another.
Doing game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(“Chat”, false) turns off both the chat gui and the chat bar together.

There are use cases where one would want to turn these off separate from one another.

For example, I have players that are teleported into a round. From the round I do not want them seeing the chatgui so that they can talk to players globally. What I do want however is for them to be able to use bubble chat to talk to players close to them. With the current setup for core gui toggling, this concept is impossible to achieve without going the route of making my own custom chat Gui, which I have done in the past due to this issue.


You can currently disable the chat bar through a SetCore method:
StarterGui:SetCore(“ChatBarDisabled”, bool disabled)
So perhaps a SetCore method to disable the ChatWindow would be better than incorporating this in SetCoreGuiEnabled.

For your example you would not need to make your own custom chat Gui as you could just modify the current chat Gui pretty easily. You would set up a bindable event in the ChatWindow script to allow your to toggle the chat window on and off. This would change the value of ChatSetting.BubbleChatEnabled and ChatSettings.ClassicChatEnabled. You would then make changes to the Guis to set them up for bubble chat only or regular chat mode.
See here: