Separate mouse speed and controller stick sensitivity in Settings

In other games my stick sensitivity is fine, but in ROBLOX games it’s super fast. I have my mouse speed setting set to 4/10 in the Settings window, so it’s not like I have it set to anything super fast. I’d like to leave my mouse sensitivity at 4/10, but set my controller stick sensitivity to 1/10. Currently this is not possible with the existing ROBLOX settings – it’d be great if the two (mouse speed and stick sensitivity) were separated.


There is absolutely nothing against this request.

9001% support


I have started adding controller support to my custom camera script and it’s very bad UX combining mouse camera sensitivity with controller camera sensitivity. There is only one setting accessible by users to control sensitivity in-game, meaning if I’m on PC and want to switch between keyboard + mouse and xbox controller, I constantly have to change the sensitivity settings

Side note, none of first 3 settings are relevant to my game either. I use a custom camera + character controller, these settings have absolutely no effect in my game. These settings should be automatically hidden when the CameraScript + ControlScript are replaced