Separate users by platform they play on into dedicated servers

As a Roblox developer, I’ve known for a long time that some games work well with the cross-platform enabled. But oftentimes games in the FPS genre are forced to have separate games for PC players and Xbox players just to even out the playing field. Another issue is updating the game, you’ll have to go between games making sure everything works correctly. Something like this can lead to the console version falling behind in updates and just generally becoming broken overtime.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you have Phantom Forces a rather popular game that has a lot of PC/Console players and instead of relying on two separate games for either platform. There are servers that only console players can join and servers that only PC players can join. Basically taking one game and allowing people to go to one place for that game. Updates will be easier to work on and can allow developers to not worry about another version sitting in their profile or group.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve the development experience for tons of developers working on games that require highly reactive hand-eye coordination and intense gameplay. This can help smooth out the development of tons of existing and up-and-coming games.


Maybe it’d be better to have it be based on the input device they’re using.

Touchscreen w/ Touchscreen
Mouse w/ Mouse
Gamepad w/ Gamepad

I think it’d make more sense that way, I think. A few crossplay games already do this, or at least try to do this.

Would this be optional? Because most games work just fine cross-platform (such as Adopt Me!). This could also cause the smaller platforms that don’t have as many players (such as Xbox and maybe PC) to have much less players in their games. This could cause players to not have as many people to play with and could reduce Robux revenue.

How would this handle cases where devices can switch between input modes, for example 2 in 1s?

Absolutely, I’m imagining that this would be a settings in the “configure this game” page.

So that is one point that I was thinking about too and I believe that for some like this it only makes sense that these platforms are forced into their respected servers that being when you have this setting enabled every individual platform can only join servers with the same people on that platform. This goes for PC as well, though this maybe something I missed of this option, that being that users on PC will be in the same server with all other PC users essentially forcing users to play keyboard and mouse in competitive shooters but this can make sense for other games where the game isn’t competitive but more casual. Another option is if PC users are gonna be allowed to join Xbox and/or other platforms players in said game would need some way to allow developers to not allow users to switch back to keyboard and mouse or at most disable and re-enble keyboard and mouse in specific moments.

example to allow: main menu, selection, customization, and etc.

example to disable: during a match or whatever the developer decides is best