Series of Studio Game Settings bugs

Okay so I have seen an large amount of these bugs In the past few days (especially, because In the past few days, I have been transfering some maps to another places that are in my group, so I needed to use these game settings a lot) , they include the Game Settings window, which as I have seen recently, also a lot of people are having problems with it.

Basic Info Bug.

To cause the Basic Info error, you need to randomly spam change the avatar settings, sometimes it takes 2 times, and sometimes it can take up to 10 times changing the avatar setting to cause this.

Output showed this. (Couldn’t scroll up because I got soft-locked the moment I changed the tab.)


Changing Avatar and saving soft-locks studio.

Okay so this one is pretty simple to reproduce, however not every time it does this.

Basically just change the avatar from R15 to R6. And about 60-70% of the time you get soft-locked, and you need to shut down the whole Roblox Studio to regain access.

This can be critical for people who don’t have the auto-save feature on, and they will have to lose all their progress because at this state, you can no longer control the studio app.

Edit: This isn’t apparently only for the avatar settings, this can happen on every settings tab.

Nothing displayed in output window this time.

Misleading Error

I think that this has to do something with servers, because this doesn’t happen that often, so, I don’t have that much screenshots, anyway, as you can see, it says that the setting didnt save, but when you reload the window, it actually saves!
Long story short, the settings save, but it prompts the error for some reason.

If any more information is needed, please Private Message me, also please correct me if I am wrong on some of these bugs!


Yep, all correct. This has caused me to just stop using Game Settings all together. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for reporting these issues!

I’ll follow up with you in a PM for the full error message output & we’ll investigate these issues!


oh god, when I change the avatar from one to another that bug happens often, so annoying.


Only way to un-softlock it is to task manager it. It’s really frustrating when you are used to using this and it breaks. I’ve been noticing this for around a week.


Sadly, that is the only way. Actually to my knowledge you can’t un-softlock it and resume with doing your work, you have to close the whole studio and reset your work with the taskmanager. Be sure your auto-save is always on too! Roblox is looking into this, so lets hope it gets fixed soon!

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Just an update for everyone in the thread, we have submitted a fix and it will be release next week!
I will post an update one more time next week once the fix is release and turned on!



This bug report is a duplicate and has many different issues in one, can you also follow up on the canonical thread about this issue please?



Thank you all for your patience! The bugfix is turned on now and the issue should be resolved!

Happy Monday!