Game settings options screen can freeze/softlock studio

Whenever I press save, window freezes and you’re not able to close out of it.

This doesn’t seem to happen 100% of the time, it did when I had a game timeout error in play test.
OS: Win 10


I had the same issue but after turning Team Create on the freezing screen doesn’t appear.


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I had this issue aswell, I thought it was only me so I didn’t report it, but now I’m finding out that it happens to other people.


It does this everyone for my and it doesn’t unfreeze and I can’ close it. It’s really annoying because I need to change to R6 but I can’t because it keeps freezing. I’m going to try just leaving it there and waiting until it loads no matter if It takes an hour or a month

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Hi everyone thanks for raising this, I’m on the Studio team and we’re looking at this now. We don’t have an ETA yet (since at the moment it doesn’t appear universal and we haven’t nailed down the root cause). But please feel free to comment in this thread if you get more information as it could help with our investigation. Thanks again!


I have the same issue, and it’s been occurring a lot recently. You can close Studio with task manager instead of letting it sit. I hope this helps.


Same issue when setting Avatar from R15 to R6. Haven’t experienced elsewhere.


This just happened to me, thank god for the auto recovery file!


Nobody is including information asked for by the bug report requirements. Since this doesn’t happen for everyone, include your log file when it does, send it here Logs / Crash Dumps / Other Bug Files and link that DM in your reply to this topic.

Bug Report Requirements


I can’t join any group games to develop on them, now my project is delayed! Please help.


Can also replicate this 100%, I thought it was just me.


This started happening to me recently, this error appeared in the console:

Failed builtin_GameSettings.rbxm.GameSettings.Pages.SecurityPage.Controllers.SecurityController:18: HttpResponse = { responseTimeMs : 166.05854034424, responseCode : 403, responseBody : { errors : table: 0x6cb44549c03adce7 }, requestOptions : { Headers : table: 0xb5042ab391a33ab7, Url :, Method : PATCH, Body : {“permissions”:{“IsThirdPartyPurchaseAllowed”:false}} } }

Returns HTTP 403

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Is there any way to publish the place when it’s frozen? I’m in this situation right now, and I’m unsure if I should close studio. I have alot of unsaved work.

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It might autosave if your lucky, but you cannot publish if its frozen

Check your autosaves directory, if there is a recent one there, you should be fine

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This happens consistently on my Mac, for the last couple updates, at least… In “Game Settings”, changes to permissions, game info etc. The changes save, but the then studio freezes to the point that I have to kill the process and start over. The monetization section seems a little better, but I had it crash once there, while I was putting in a new value.

I didn’t report this sooner, only because I was trying to determine if it was the fault of my computer. Anyway, thanks in advance for your hard work to fix this. :slight_smile:

FYI, I think the issue started after the update that allowed Third Party Sales in the Security section.


Loving the fact we can no longer use the website to edit certain settings, in favor of a broken built-in system.


It’s not even only in security, although that was how I got this bug a while back. I had already published my game to change the avatar type but I can’t even do that without freezing studio :confused:


Something strange that occurs when the window freezes is that your character gets cloned and positioned in front of the camera. In the video provided you can see how the window is freezed and when I move it, my character is there. It was not there before. This only happens sometimes*


I was getting this issue. Checked logs and it was full of forbidden errors.
Logged out and back in again and it’s fixed the problem.