Server crashes after about 5 minutes of people playing

My place crashes after about 5 minutes with a full server of people playing.
It doesn’t seem to happen with only a few people on, and I can’t find anything in common happening at the time of the crashes, the crashes result in everyone disconnecting.
I have tried disabling portions of the code but nothing has helped.

I really have no clue how I can even figure out the cause of these crashes let alone fix it.
The worst part is, I hadn’t touched any code at all for a few weeks before the crashes started, so I can only assume it is due to a roblox update, it started at around the end of September.
Is there any way of seeing the servers crash log or something?

I’m sorry the details are so vague, it’s all the information I have and I’ve ran out of ideas for debugging it.

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Is the crash sudden and unexpected or does it begin with degraded performance / lag that gets worse over time?

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Have you tried to reproduce it? Maybe even try to accelerate it in anyway?

What does the crash come into action as? Do they just freeze and get disconnected or can they keep walking but see everyone else frozen?

Get a group of testers, make a private server, and stress test this out to try and figure it out.

I remember @Olicai once had a crash bug in “Undersiders” but I am not sure how he solved it in the end.

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The crashes are completely sudden, same as if you were to shutdown the server, with the message you have disconnected.

I have tried to reproduce it numerous times, but I haven’t found anything that could be the trigger of it.

Are you using constraints with characters? I’m not sure if the fix for this issue has been released yet.

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Thanks this sounds like it could be it, I have two abilities in my game that have behaviour similar to the bug described.
One is a grapple which shoots out a physics part connected to you via rope constraint and the rope pulls you to follow it.
The other is a anchor which is heavy and is attached to you via rope constraint to keep you in place.

I will arrange a test asap with both disabled to see if it fixes it, thanks!


Unless my test was a fluke, it appears that has fixed it!
Thanks a ton for the help, hopefully this bug is fixed soon so i can reenable that content.

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