Server issue with universes

When I try to join a universe server in my game it always puts people in separate servers even when there is no one at that moment and when servers aren’t even full.
It has never been this way so here’s what I use to transfer them, Which is not the problem as it always worked.

The Issue:

And this is the code I use to teleport a player:

It’s a known issue for sure.

Clicking Play creates a new server - #13 by Zomebody - Staff replied here.

I’ve seen that thread indeed, but from that point on I heard nothing about it anymore so I thought i’ll point it out again.

You shouldn’t expect regular Teleport to move players to the same server. If you want that behaviour, use the other teleports in TeleportService or verify it yourself using DataStore.

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This might solve the teleportation issue but the web issue remains, as discribed in this post:

I have a place in my Universe that allows 80 players max.

If it is empty and I teleport 3 people there, I shouldn’t expect them all to land in the same server? It seems like a reasonable expectation.


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