Server output, configure, and Data Store privileges for TC members

As a roblox developer, it’s currently too hard to modify data stores in other people’s games. I’m trying to change a player’s bank account balance, but unfortunately I’m unable to because it’s a Team create game. The actual developer of the game doesn’t know how to do datastore stuff or use the plugin, so I have to do everything of that nature. I planned to use Crazyman32’s DataStoreEditor plugin to modify the store, but I wasn’t able to because it is forbidden. I think team create members should be treated like owners of the game. Any team create members are obviously extremely trusted, and should have access to all aspects of the game. I have to constantly bug my friend to check the server output in a server, tell him to run segments of code in the server command bar from the client, and tell him to modify settings (StudioAPI Access) frequently when I’m testing things. It would be much easier if both of us had this access. Thanks!


You know what would be the icing on the cake? Actually having a dashboard for datastore…

Thats one of my main gripes about using a database on roblox and why I’ll avoid it like the plague especially with the lack of rollback support.

Honestly without Crazyman’s plugin I dont know what I would do.