(Server) UntrackedMemory goes up, and never comes down again


Hi there,

The last few days I’m debugging my servers like crazy, because when they become older they receive a lot of latency.

I rewrote part of the networks twice, but it seems like the server is become clogged with jobs / etc…

What happens

  • When the server becomes older, the UntrackedMemory goes up, it also never comes down again… For some reason the server is busy with something, what I really don’t understand since it isn’t listed.

Where does it happen ?

(Reverted the place to a ‘version’ that is kinda OK… If you want a place file that has it way faster, let me know and I will give PM you the latest build that is currently on our Test Servers…)

What have I tried myself ?

  • Checked the code a few times, since it seems to happen when large instances are being destroyed (for example a map in a round). I use :destroy() on everything, so it should be GC, or it could be when players leave / enter the game (we do nothing weird with them, just your standard R6)
  • Check an other place slot
  • Check the Microprofiler for any helpful tips / pointers. (But this is only for the Client correct ?)

Sadly no repro at the moment :frowning:

Any more information?
There seem to be users that have the same issue regarding UntrackedMemory.