Servers consistently crashing after loading user content since today

Since about 12–14 hours since this post was created, live game servers started to crash in my game. This happens towards the end of the loading process of user content in my games (user-designed theme parks). Not all parks are affected, but enough are for this to be rather disruptive.

This happens 100% of the time for affected parks. This only happens in live Roblox servers. It does not happen in Studio and with local test servers.

This happens in my game Theme Park Tycoon 2, place id 69184822.

All clients will be presented with this error:

Client logs show this:
AckTimeout: Last Packet received time: 10003 ms

In-game server console does not show any error or indication of failure right before the crash occurs, so I cannot research this in more detail than this. Hopefully Roblox-internal logs show some more details…

I can always reproduce this by loading certain affected parks. Please reach out privately if it’d be useful for some engineers to be able to test themselves.


We’re investigating now. Thanks for the report.


Can confirm I’m getting similar issues with loading assets


Body Gyros also seem to be broken atm. Just another roblox update I guess

Glad to know it isn’t just me.