Servo hingeconstraints rotate the wrong way when switching desired angle

Since today i noticed the servo hingeconstraints iny my game are trying to rotate the other way around when switching from 179 degrees to -179 degrees.

This creates weird behavior where my mouse targetting system is no longer able to follow the target freely.

All you have to do to reproduce this is set the targetangle from 179 to -179 and it’ll rotate the other way around to reach the target.

I think you have LimitsEnabled set to true on the servo constraints. The issue you are getting usually happens when you set the LowerAngle to -180 and the UpperAngle to 180. This creates a wall between 180 and -180, causing the servo to have to go the other way around. This is what I found when testing in Studio btw.

This used to not happen though when the settings were maximized from what i can remember.

Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.

Hi Rick,

This issue does seem to be caused by having Limits Enabled - please let us know if this issue persists without having any limits on your HingeConstraint.


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In that case it might just be me, sorry!

I reverted the code to a previous version for some game mechanic after experiencing issues, something must not have been reverted correctly.

Thank you for confirming this!