Session Commands v3

Hey everyone, It’s me again Nehoray

I saw @phyouthcenter1 Session Commands
some was people complaining about security problems and more.

So I took his open source project to my hands and I Improve it so everyone can enjoy it :smiley:

  • I added better Gui
  • I added more commands
  • I added security

!start -- start the session
!end -- end the session ( in the end all fail users will get kicked from the server)
!pass username -- pass the user
!fail username -- fail the user
!freeze username -- stop the player from moving
!warn username -- warn the user
!ban username -- ban the user
!respawn username -- respawn the user
!tempban username -- ban them until the session end's

Take this model: SessionCommands [Improved] - Roblox

Put It in ServerScriptService, change the usernames to yours and You’re Done! :partying_face: :smiley:




The credit goes to @phyouthcenter1 :partying_face: :+1:

If you’ve any suggestions or feedback leave it below

Thanks for reading. :grinning:


What does the session do?

Like for Resturant games?


It mainly for rp games so mods can test their players

or even not for rp games (rp = roleplay)


I’d use it for trainings and specifically project this towards that but maybe use a GUI where you enter a username and you can press pass, fail etc. But this is good as well!

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Nice Idea, I will add this maybe

What more commands would you like to see in the next update?


Hi There! Would you mind sharing a lil more in depth about how you would set this up? I followed the directions you put but nothing was happening. Also what does the !start command do?

Thank You!

Well why not

!start start a session and when you want to finish the session you say !end and it would kick the players who failed to pass

I will send you a message in PM

Wow, thanks for this! Will come in useful.

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I glad you found it useful.

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Maybe a panel of some sort so it’s easy to control, but it’s only visible to certain group ranks?



Someone already suggests that but I will add this If more than 2 people want this.


Hey is this new module compatible with commander?

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Hmm… no :thinking:

What if I want to use Group Rank as Admins?

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I’m about to create an version of this that will allow that.


Hey! Can I have your permission to create a new command and post it on another post? @HackItsGood
Command: !verify
What does it’s do: Kick all the alts (15 days and less accounts), and kick a rank defined. Set the defined rank to nil to kick no one.
Model with the !verify command: Waiting for the permissions to post it.

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If I read it right then
No need for my permission,

Cool command btw! :partying_face: :grinning:

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