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Greetings, devforum!

Myself and @BankrollAbd have been working on this project for over a day now and we’re excited to be announcing of it’s release, while it is still in beta, and bugs could still be present we request that if you find any please report them to us, immediately.


Announcement system, announce things to your training with ease!
Role system, role your staff with different roles. (Trainers, Assistants, Co-Host)
Session System, host introduction that is automatic!

Pretty simple, we’ve done it for you, the only things that need changing, are the GroupId’s & of course the session rules.

Session rules:

Firstly, ahead to startergui and then press the first ScreenGui you see.
After doing so, ahead down to “Start Session”
Then press on the local script that is inside there
Where it says the rules, edit them there!


Firstly ahead to serverscriptservice
Change line 10 & 11 to the ones you want!

If you want specific players to only see the open button for it, goto the screengui and look for the open/close button and edit the local script and take it from there. We are not here to script everything for you, please be-ware of this and we’ve released this open-sourced, and for us not to script it for you.

Pictures of UI:
Home Screen:

Announcement UI:

Find, bugs?
Report them on the devforum by replying to this post with a picture / error of the issue and then we’ll take it from there.

@saouvs and @BankrollAbd


UPDATE 1.0.0

Fixed a few things via the script (forgot to add something)
Updated the security a bit more


In the serverscript scroll down to the bottom and look for the group Id, and place it with your own.


I would recommend making a variable at the top of the code for the GroupId for simplicity’s sake

Looks great so far though!


There is infact one already, though I forgot to change the actual one to it by accident!
Thank you for your feedback on how to improve in the future! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Looks great! Though the UI looks a bit simple in my opinion. I’d also recommend adding a configuration module which allows users to change the group ID, rules, theme etc. Other than that, this is pretty cool!

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Like I said there is already a way to change the id, through the serverscript. The rules are also customizable. Themes can be made from the user themselves.


Non-scripters would be more comfortable configuring the system with a module in my opinion. Plus, if you were to add more features it would be easier to configure them.

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Indeed, but I seek that we made this open-sourced and we are not scripting everything the player requests for, as said in the post we will not be scripting anything for anyone if it’s not a bug / error. This is a resource not a commission on something that needs to be changed 24/7 to the players liking, simply not going to happen.

" We are not here to script everything for you, please be-ware of this and we’ve released this open-sourced, and for us not to script it for you."

Looks good and yeah, people can learn from you/this!

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I see. Seems reasonable. Great job though!


Thank you for your positive feedback! :slight_smile:
Much appreciated.

The UI can get a better design. And also I suggest giving a dark or light theme switcher button.

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Like I said in a previous post the player can configure it for themselves, and I will only be saying this once again seeing as some people didn’t read the full post (no offense.)

This is a resource that players can configure for themselves, myself and @BankrollAbd will not be fixing every thing the player wants to their liking. :man_shrugging:
Though, it will be probably a feature in the near future, thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:
In other words this will probably be the next update that we add in feature wise.


It was my pleasure to work with @saouvs on this :hear_no_evil: :heart:


@LIVONO5KAHN I mean as Vintuan said, it can be customized through scripts. Yall need to read lol

There's no security on the remotes, any exploiter can fire them.

This is just one example.



The code contains bad practices

A script for each frame, rather than one script for the UI.

This resource is great for users who don’t know how to code, however it contains bad practices and no security.

Here are some resources you can look into:


I agree on the session ones and will be fixed, but the rest are fine. This is the 2nd time that I know you are a professional scripter and all, but this is a free-resource and we’ve tried our best to secure them.

Just because we have multiple scripts does not mean it’s a bad practice.
We like to keep it simple and easy for the user to understand, not having everything in 1 script & cramped.

In overall, I really can’t do anything else that I am already doing, if you want to manually rescript the whole thing for us, then do so. But I am not going to re-script everything again, because of a few security flaws that can be fixed in a instance.

I’m not at all a professional scripter, I still have loads to learn. However I don’t think providing a resource that allows exploiters to fire remotes freely is correct. All I did was comment on this small instance and hope that you fixed it.

That is litterly inefficient and bad practice.

This sounds very passive-agressive, and you’re getting annoyed at me. I just commented on a couple things that you needed to improve on, I’m not attacking you by any means.

All you have to do to improve security is to check if the player has access to said call when the function is called. IE: Mr. Hacker man™ fires a remote, on that function you check if they have access, if not then just return and kick the them.


UPDATE 1.1.0

Added Filtering to the announcement text
Added a config module
Added security to the Announcement Events, Session end and Start Session
SessionManager.rbxl (47.6 KB)

Thank you @BankrollAbd for this update.
(Sorry for the reply @ItsPlasmaRBLX, didn’t mean to press reply to your post :joy:)


Mind showing a video on how the system works? 10/10 script.