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I’m Abd, also known as Abd_Dev or BankrollAbd. I started my scripting journey back in 2018. I’ve worked for many popular Roleplay Games & Groups. I can script things such as Cafe Systems, Simulators, Hotels, Restaurants. Currently in-need of a job. Shot me with a message if you’re interested.

Here’s a list of some known Groups that I’ve contributed for

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Custom Players Leaderboard


Nametag System

Automatic Hibachi Grill System

Trampoline Check In System


Gift KitBux System


Application Center | Custom Design with Camera Animations

Airplane Check In System | Note: with Self Check In


Custom Admin Panel

Negative comments are from someone who was trying to raid my topic.

Application Centers I've worked on

[APPLY!] Job Center - Roblox
V1 | Bluejade Application Center - Roblox

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Always available, 24/7.

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Accepting both Robux and Paypal. (Payment starts from 1.5k ROBUX)

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You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via the Discord: abd#0298

Thanks you so much for reading. :sparkling_heart:


Message by Kitten Hotels Co-Founder

We thank @Abd_Dev for his time within Kitten Hotels as he has helped us improve our game and make new systems that are attracting more guests.
If you need a scripter that will do the job fast, I suggest you to hire Abd.
Thanks for reading! >3


Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Still available? I’d love to ask you some questions!

Yes, I’m available! If you have any questions, please DM me via the discord or the devforum.

Hey there Clueless, as some of these things may not be advanced, but can I see a video of this work and how many lines am I receiving if my client wants to commission you?

I just don’t have any examples. :frowning:

Basic scripting examples but a good format and layout. Awesome titles!


I can totally vouch for Abd! He’s very responsive, very detailed, and a great friend!


abd good i recommend he is master scripter :pro:


Hey, @CluelessAbd! I have added you on Discord! (I am spec#1436)! Please add me so we can chat more. :grinning:

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Hi, I would like to hire you for some upcoming games. - PetleyJ#9084


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His new discord is abd#5604

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Hey, @CluelessAbd! I am wondering if your prices are negotiable to some of your set price products. . :thinking: Please come back to me on Discord, thanks! (spec!#1436).

Are you good with scripting custom chat systems?

Hi I would like to work with you!

Please add me:


Hi abd! Looking to hire a scripter, DM me on Discord Blob#6677

Hey! This looks interesting and I am currently in need of a programmar! Please add me on discord: andrei#3333 ! I couldn’t friend you.

I didn’t try to make one before, but yes. I guess so.

^Just sent you a friend request. ^