Set server shutdown message

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to tell people individually that the game was shut down to fix a bug or to release a major update.

It would be very useful to be able to type a message when you click “Shut Down all Servers” on your game’s page. Sometimes, people think the game was closed or “just for more visits.” It’s fairly simple. If the message is blank, then it would say the default shutdown message.


There is a method to do this at the moment, however I haven’t tested it.
Bind a function with game:BindToClose(function) that kicks every player in the server with your custom message.

Well, you can’t really gather Roblox client input from in-game. In addition to that, older servers wouldn’t have the newer message. It’s just easier if there was some sort of input on the website that allowed us to do this. Other methods that have been proven to work like Roblox server to Dedicated Server communication, datastore key updating and etc. are also available if this is never added.

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You could probably use HTTPService by writing up a message on an external server before shutting down so Roblox would be able to pull the message from that server and display it in-game during shutdown.

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Yeah, I’ve seen this done. This is an example of a system by ChristBru01. You may be able to ask him for some help with this. @HadenTheCreeper

My guess is that it was done with this:
However, if my understanding is correct, the request here is for a shutdown message (i.e. when a developer shuts down the server, rather than kicking a player!) :smiley:

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That’s what I meant by “Roblox server to Dedicated Server communication”

I already knew you could do all of this, but I think it would be a lot more time saving especially for the people who have no idea how to do it; to just be able to set the message on the site would be pretty nice.

Which is also why I began my post with an argument to Kiansjet’s “method” and then following with why your request is needed.