Set Spawn Pro [Free] [Plugin]

Set Spawn Tool
you don’t have to do anything but have it downloaded. The script is open source.

(Set Spawn Tool - Roblox)

Automatically creates a spawn point on the biggest part if there is no existing spawn point. This prevents you from falling into the void when you have no spawn points in game.

This tool is extremely helpful for modeling and testing scripts as you dont have to worry about creating spawn points on small models

with Set Spawn Pro (player spawns at baseplate)

Without Set Spawn Pro (same baseplate exists but player spawns at 0,0,0 not the baseplate)

It runs in the background and will save you time. You don’t have to manage it or turn it on. You might as well have it!
-it only runs if theres no spawn points set
you wont realize when it does, but it will help. Its completely invisible.


How is this useful???


Plugins are suppose to solve a problem, but there isn’t a problem, so what is this solving?


Not all resources are going to be useful to you specifically, nor do they have to be. The problem here seems to be people falling into the void, because there aren’t spawns set up. This is supposed to automatically set up spawns unless overridden by an actual spawn point (this is my understanding of it). Again, just because you wouldn’t use it, doesn’t mean it’s not useful to someone else.


Cant you already just place a spawn point?


I mean I see how this could be a useful plugin for lazy developers, but I don’t think playtesting and realizing you don’t have a spawn, and then going back in and placing a spawn takes more than 10 seconds, so I don’t exactly see why this would be useful to many.


It can take more than 10 seconds. Especially on large-scale experiences.

Why can’t you just go to the model tab and insert one, then drag it to wherever?


That’s correct. I made it after falling into the void numerous times while creating smaller models with no base plate as I didn’t have a spawn point set. Although it’s effortless to create a basic spawn point, I found it practical to have this plugin working. At first I had it as a local plugin, but I decided to share it.
A major perk for me, was that the properties of the spawn point were already set.

It always teleported me to the middle of the largest part of my build, which was always the floor. If I had a house I would teleport to the exact center of the inside. I thought it might help other people. So I published it as a plugin.

Finding the largest part is not an efficient method. If you have large, invisible barrier walls around your map then it will place a spawn point on top of the walls. If that happened you’d have to move it to where you want anyways…
Placing a single spawn point is not a process like heavy scripting which will take you a long time, it is a minuscule problem compared to something like building an entire map. If you have trouble placing a spawn point in your map then you are just lazy.

You aren’t speaking for “lazy developers,” you’re speaking for yourself. @https_KingPie said it best:

I’m not saying anything about the plugin, I was just pointing out it is possible that stopping play testing, add a spawn, go back into play testing can take more than 10 seconds. Nothing else.

it divides it by the Y axis. But yes, a large barrier on the X/Z axis in size could potentially trick it

To those saying you can just place a spawn location, I find it as a quality of life feature. It’s why it doesn’t pop up in the toolbar. It just sits in Roblox Studio, invisible. You won’t need it most of the time, but like most of QOL features it’s just for special use cases, and can be helpful in those cases. Also, on massive experiences, it actually can take much longer to get in or out of the game. Not just like 10 seconds lol

For me personally I have seen really good results with the plugin. so far it hasn’t set a spawn point in a bad location. Most of the time, I forget I even have the plugin as its not noticeable. it helps in the background

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If i’m honest with you, great job doing this but; I don’t see myself using this plugin since I can easily just make a spawn point… :man_shrugging:


By your logic, every single feature that isn’t clearly visible should have some stupid QOL feature.


  • We should have a spawn location QOL because it’s too hidden!
  • We should have a face controls QOL because it’s too hidden!

Have some common sense.

The spawn location button isn’t hidden at all, it’s in the model tab and goes over to the gameplay section, right there, a spawn location button.

I’ve just looked at the code for this plugin, and it doesn’t take the baseplate as its spawn position in the slightest, it takes the biggest part in the entire workspace, by using GetDescendants to iterate through every single thing.

This is HIGHLY inefficient if you’re using this on a game with loads of parts (i.e showcase games)

sometimes there isn’t a baseplate

Exactly, and the fact that the part has to be named “baseplate” for the script to actually work is super stupid.