SetCore Methods to Disable Friend-Related Notifications

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to disable friend-related notifications

Without disabling all of the core gui (if that even gets rid of them, I’m unsure) there is no way to disable notifications specific to friends & followers. So to propose a change, I would like to suggest new methods for SetCore.

void StarterGui:SetCore(“FriendNotificationsActive”, bool active)
void StarterGui:SetCore(“FollowerNotificationsActive”, bool active)
void StarterGui:SetCore(“FollowingNotificationsActive”, bool active)

With these additions, developers would have control over more core gui notifications than they currently do. Having the three methods separated would allow more control over which notifications a developer wants enabled and which they want disabled between friend-related notifications, follow-related notifications, and notifications from yourself following someone else.

The drawback of having your notifications disabled is that you would no longer receive an in-game notification upon someone sending you a friend request. The reason this is only an issue for friend requests is because unlike the other two types of notifications, friend requests require a response from the user receiving the notification.

However, though it may a drawback I don’t believe it hinders the ability to connect with other users as players will still be able to accept friend requests from the player list if they are playing on computer. On top of that, all players will still receive friend requests on the site like always, even if the notifications are disabled in the game you received them in. As well, friend requests are always available to be accepted from the esc menu, so removing notifications in our games isn’t removing the ability to accept friend requests in-game.

If Roblox is able to address my issue, it would improve my development experience and my game by giving developers the ability to free up more UI space.

As seen in the above image, notifications can take up very precious UI space on phones, which don’t have much to begin with. It’s a minor issue on computer, as there’s typically other alternatives to controlling your character and performing tasks on computer. However, controls (even the default, built-in jump button) can get covered on mobile.

The issue goes beyond the jump button alone though. From testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most comfortable place to put controls for tools that involve moving around while using on mobile is the right side of the screen. I’m sure I don’t need to explain it again, but these notifications can cover controls for our games,causing us to either make our players deal with it or put controls in places that don’t make sense for what they’re used for.

At the end of the day, I think it’s important for the player’s experience in certain games to have the right side of their screen clear at all times they need to use it, and if this feature comes to be hopefully developers are willing to go out of their way to enable the notifications at times they won’t intrude on the gameplay.

  • I would like a way for myself or other developers to disable these notifications
  • Player-Player notifications aren’t for developers to control

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I would love to disable notifications in the game menu (which can be overridden by SetCore) because I hate those notifications and sometimes I accidentally click Accept.

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My game has UI in the lower right. It is not a good experience for the player to have a new UI button arbitrarily materialize over it, especially one that accepts Roblox friend requests.


The notifications are still showing up over my game’s core UI. I’m being scammed into being someone’s friends and the notifications are disruptive to the gameplay experience.

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It’s been another year. I still want to disable clickable interface from popping up over the controls of my game. Friending is still supported in the Roblox menu/player list. As a developer, I should not have to account for clickable UI popping up at random times.