SetCore SendNotification improvements

I already have 2 old requests for SendNotification, which have not been answered until today:

  1. Allow to control the 'SendNotification' background transparency
  2. Allow to change the `SendNotification` popup window size and icon size

Now I place a third request:
3) Increase the available text size for the message (the current text width is very limited).


As an alternative, you could clone the UI for SendNotification and implement your own method for this, or alternatively, there are many notification modules out there that look alike or have similar function to SendNotification.

This issue with doing this is that the friend request system will continue to use the SetCore version, possibly obscuring your UI


We’ve made a couple improvements that don’t fully satisfy your feature requests but are in the right direction. Not a full solution but its what I can do right now.

  • Titles wrap to 2 lines
  • When you have an icon theres overall more text on the screen (two lines of text under a title next to an icon)
  • The background is slightly darker (not by much, but now it matches legacy chat’s background opacity)

Since it’s been 1.5 years since my first request and nothing has been done, I’ve invested a few days of work and created my own notification system, using the same sliding and stacking effects on a non-intrusive format as the original SendoNotification, but much more flexible and configurable, within the requirements I asked Roblox before.


Anyway, thank you very much for providing feedback on this improvement.
This positive attitude is something that should be standardized for all Roblox employees.