SetCore shouldn't require being spammed to work properly

Finally tracked down a bug that’s been causing some World // Zero players to not load into the game.

Other threads (such as this one from a year ago with the same issue) have suggested spamming the API until a pcall does not fail. While this is a valid solution, I wanted to make this post to point out how gross this API is to use.

The current wiki page has this sentence hidden inside a large paragraph that it’s unlikely many will read:

It may be necessary to make multiple calls to SetCore using pcall in case the respective CoreScript has yet to load (or if it has been disabled entirely).

Not only does this note grossly downplay the severity of the issue (any use of this API should be protected calls) but it’s just a fancy way of saying “spam the API until it’s ready”.


More reports of developers who had their game broken today because the strings were modified in last night’s update.

I feel like every developer shouldn’t have to go through having their game break in order to learn about this behavior. An API that sets something should just… set it.