Set/GetCore PlayerlistOpen

I want to be able to close the playerlist when a UI comes in over that spot, but I just want to minimize it – I don’t want to remove their personal stats on the leaderboard from the topbar. Set/GetCore PlayerlistOpen would allow me to do that.

game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.PlayerList, false)

He wants the UI, just wants to minimize it.

Disabling the playerlist with SetCoreGuiEnabled disables the personal stats in the topbar in addition to closing the playerlist.

Why not just make your own leaderboard?

I believe this is why a custom one is not suitable.

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You could recreate the personal stats in the topbar pretty easily but it’ll be underneath the topbar which might not look all that great.

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Weeve did a pretty good job of making his leaderboard blend in with the top bar.

Yep – when the topbar is able to be disabled whenever the necessary flag is enabled, I’ll be able to avoid that specifically, but then since disabling the topbar disables everything else I’d have to remake every CoreGui item, which isn’t something I’m looking to do. Either way, there isn’t really a good solution aside from Set/GetCore PlayerlistOpen.

You can’t see the stats when it’s minimized though. The entire reason I’m wanting to hide the leaderboard instead of disabling it is so you can still see the stats in the topbar while it’s hidden.