Setting a 50 / 50 Chance on a Pair of Objects

Hi, I want to make a glass bridge game (you know like from squid game), but whenever I try to make one object in a pair of glass break, it doesn’t do so. They could both be correct (which I don’t want), both wrong (which I also don’t want), or just normal. I don’t know what to do. I think my script would be pointless because the methods I use I think are depracated or not necessary. Thanks!

“Both wrong”. But if both tiles are wrong then how will players progress, is this what you want?

Sorry, I don’t want them to be both wrong. I want only one to be right.

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You can use a math.random function.

For example:

local random = math.random(1, 2)

if random == 1 then
 --  Make the part break script here.. 
 -- Make the part normal script here..

This is a simple example on how to use math.random. You can check more at this Roblox Documentation.

I’ve tried that already.


Can you provide us the code you have tried so far?

Have you tried doing something like this:

local glass = {

local random = glass[math.random(1, #glass)]
if random then
 -- script.Parent:FindFirstChild(random).CanCollide = false
-- break script

The result of this code is all of them being correct

I noticed that you misspelt humanoid

Well one thing I noticed is that in line 21.

if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humaniod") then

which is not vaild.

Change it to:

  if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then

Other than that the scripts looks correct; so it should have no errors. Maybe it didn’t work due to Humanoid being spelt wrong so even if the glass was Touched, it couldn’t kill the user who touched it.

Still not working. IsReal is not being applied anywhere. (IsReal is a boolvalue; true = wont break, false = will break)

You could try doing something like this so you can avoid using booleans:

local glassTable = {}

for i, glass in pairs(script.Parent:GetDescendants()) do
	if glass:IsA("Part") then
		table.insert(glassTable, glass)

local random = glassTable[math.random(1, #glassTable)]

	if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
		hit.Parent.Humanoid.Health = 0
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Yes I could do that, but I don’t want to put that script in every paired model. I want to put it in server script service.

Group the tiles in pairs. This is example for cancollide but you’d just continue and do your glass breaking instead.

local tileGroups = workspace.TileGroups
for i,v in ipairs(tileGroups:GetChildren()) do
	v:GetChildren()[math.random(1,2)].CanCollide = false

Would you have to do v:GetChildren()["Tile"..math.random(1,2)].CanCollide = false instead because you have the word tile before the number.

No. v:GetChildren() creates a table of two parts. So v:GetChildren() is the same as {Tile1,Tile2}
By doing v:GetChildren()[math.random(1,2)], it either references the first part or the second part in the table

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