Setting animation weight to 0 permenantly freezes it

Setting the weight to 0 puts the animation in limbo: It can’t be resumed without playing the animation again, but Stopped doesn’t fire and IsPlaying is true.

Possibly related to this recent change, as I don’t recall this happening before.

Repro works online and play solo. WeightRepro.rbxl


Bumping this, encountered this issue today as well.


This bug seems to be the cause of other threads that have been made on the issue of animation weight not replicating, such as

There is a workaround for developers who want to blend animations using Weight in their games, until this is resolved.

Upon further investigation I found out that there is one working way to replicate the weight of animations to other clients:

  • Play animations with a weight of 1 (not 0)
  • Ensure AdjustWeight never sets to 0 (0.01 at minimum)

The issue seems to be related to other clients stopping animations when Weight is set to 0. By using this workaround you can achieve your desirable effect until Roblox fixes this issue.


Bumping since developers are still encountering this bug and having to use oddball solutions like setting the weight to 0.0001 instead of 0. This work-around should not be the solution


This would have took me hours to debug.
Thanks for the report! :pray:

This is still a problem btw. When you set the animationweight to 0 on the client, the server stops playing the animation. Honestly considering making my own animations system

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This is still happening and is very easy to replicate. In my game, I adjust walk, sprint, and strafe animations based on velocity. In cases where I set the weights too close to zero, calling AdjustWeight stops having any effect. This is unexpected behavior, and it means that you can never set weight to zero without stopping the animation. A hacky workaround is to clamp weight to being at least 0.01, but we shouldn’t need to work around this strange behavior. Weirdly, it still happened at values like 0.001 and 0.0001. I was only able to work around this with 1% weight, which is actually somewhat noticeable.