Setting custom Profile picture instead of avatar headshot

I was recently browsing Roblox and saw an ad that had a celebrity instead of the usual roblox face for someone’s profile. That sparked a thought and then I thought that Roblox players should be able to make their own profile picture. If you don’t know what I mean, heres a screenshot:

The blue circle represents where my original idea of a picture would go. Not only would it add a different look to Roblox, it can let users express their graphical design to others, or you can just simply find an image on the internet. I was thinking that the “Change Profile Picture” tab can go in User Settings:

Please reply and leave any feedback on my idea!


I absolutely don’t support this idea. This doesn’t fit in Roblox at all. Roblox isn’t a social media network like Twitter. Each Roblox player has his or her own avatar, and the headshot is something like a selfie of the player. That is why the headshot can’t be a random image like from Google. A random image isn’t related to the avatar of the Roblox player.


I support the idea of having a more custom profile picture of your character but not just any picture that can be uploaded. I think being able to select different headshots angles would suit the site well, maybe even a different zoom on your character as well (mainly for bigger outfits that don’t fit).


Yes, but if the profile pictures were introduced, how would Roblox be able to tell the difference between something that represents yourself or something completely off?


It wouldn’t be something you upload. Something along the lines of a snapshot taken from the avatar editor or allowing us to choose pictures from the thumbnail API. I believe it has different headshot angles, a lot of people use them on leaderboards and such currently.


Ah, yes I understand you now.
So different shots of the player’s avatar?


Correct, preferably just headshots so people can’t be immature with…well i’m sure you can imagine.


Same way as decals.
I’m imagining that Roblox will only allow images formed as decals, so they go through moderation first.