Setting Humanoid Acceleration Speed

What it is:
When slowing down, changing directions, or starting to move, it accelerates to the desired speed and direction. This variable can be changed at any time.

This setting also effects the speed of turning. (Of course, this is only noticeable when you change directions completely.)

If you ever look at other games (outside of roblox) you will usually notice how if you were to suddenly start moving in the other direction, the player will first slow down, stop, then speed up in the direction desired. I believe they do this for both realism and animation.

Personally, I would like to use this for a foot planting system. Because of how abruptly the character stops and moves (at least at the speed range of 0-25) and also because of how fast the character can turn, I get very weird results with my foot planting when spamming wasd. The best way to fix this is if I could set how fast the humanoid will accelerate.

Sadly, this isn’t possible without making a custom character.

I believe this would be very easy to implement, as acceleration is already a part of the humanoid.

EDIT: Thinking about it more, it might be beneficial to have turning speed and acceleration speed as separate properties.


I think this fits into the more general issue of Humanoids not obeying the laws of physics. Maybe Humanoid.MaxRunForce would work?