Setting the CameraZoomDistance

Hey guys,
I want to set the current distance at which the camera is from the subject.

local previousMin = plr.CameraMinZoomDistance
local previousMax = plr.CameraMaxZoomDistance
plr.CameraMaxZoomDistance = 12.5
plr.CameraMinZoomDistance = 12.5


plr.CameraMaxZoomDistance = previousMax
plr.CameraMinZoomDistance = previousMin

This code is working, however is there any better solution to this nowadays?

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You could reference an Offset variable in addition by changing the Camera’s CFrame? It’d probably look something like this:

local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
local Offset =, 0, 25) --Or you could reference where the Subject is looking at

Camera.CFrame = + Offset)

Not sure what you mean though :thinking:

That doesn’t work unfortunately.

What I want to achieve is, when I change the CameraType (after a cutscene that ends in the default camera CFrame) from Scriptable to Custom you shouldn’t notice a jump like here.

For that, I have to change the CameraZoomDistance before the cutscene starts.

Find the default CFrame offset from the HRP by doing

local travel = HRP.CFrame:Inverse() * camera.CFrame

Then set the cutscene end CFrame to this:

local endCutsceneCameraCFrame = HRP.CFrame * travel

I want the end CFrame with a CameraZoomDistance of 12.5 (which is the default).
Your code would use the current camera CFrame as end CFrame.