Setting up Xbox Compatibility?

Hello, I haven’t seen this question anywhere else, if I’ve missed a topic, please direct me to it and I’ll remove this post.
Anyways, I’ve set up my simulator game’s compatibility for PC, Mobile, and Tablet. All works great, GUI’s are scaled correctly (at least to my knowledge by using the Emulators and my phone) and I think I have a solid game with a unique idea unlike any other simulators. However, I want this to work on Xbox as well. Now I have a PS4 which to my knowledge doesn’t support Roblox. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to test Xbox compatibility if I don’t have an Xbox, and I’m not 100% sure if the Xbox emulator on the Studio Engine gives accurate results when using it. I want to know how I can GUARANTEE this game works on Xbox before setting Xbox play ability to true, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advanced,

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The second post in this thread has some helpful tips for converting your game to be Xbox compatible: Guide for Xbox game development?

As far as testing, pretty much the only solution (besides the emulator, which should work, in all honesty. Otherwise, what’s the point?) is finding a friend with an Xbox to test remotely or in person.


Alright, I’ll read through this, this seems like what I’m looking for! Thanks!

Correct me if I am wrong but,

You could buy a XBox Controller to connect with your PC and test your game instead of buying a XBox.
(I’ve done this before)

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Yeah, for sure! But that wouldn’t help with anything besides button testing and haptic feedback.