"settings()" is apparently deprecated, so what should I use?

^ Title. I’m trying to access Studio, which is typically accessible via settings().Studio, but game:GetService("Studio") doesn’t work (I get the error singleton Studio already exists).

Doing typeof(settings()) returns Global Settings (yes, with a space), but game:GetService("Global Settings") doesn’t work and game:GetService("GlobalSettings") (without a space this time) runs but returns nil for some reason.

(I ran all the commands I mentioned through the command line)

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Does it still work for you though? It might be deprecated but I’m quite sure that it hasn’t been removed altogether.

Also, something of the nature has been noted before, which can be found by searching (or just looking above). You can try any solutions posted in the thread. If none of this works, then you may want to post on an existing thread about settings or hanker down to Feature Requests to have the issue rectified.

I also made a post about it that I happened to bump a few minutes ago haha, somehow missed this one. The official word I got was: