Sfax - Building Keybinds

For a few days now, I have been working on modified custom building shortcuts to improve building experiences and save time. It currently is able to:

  • Scale part(s) - All axis
  • Move part(s) - All axis
  • Rotate part(s) - All axis
  • Model parts together
  • Union parts together
  • Cut parts from a certain axis - All axis

Get the model here:

If you are having a problem using the plugin or need support join this server where me and you can discuss about it and/or share problem screenshots.

My discord: aven_ue#2617 (add me if you rather discuss privately than joining my server.)

Keybind List:

Moving -

  • M + X = Move part(s) on the x axis
  • M + Y = Move part(s) on the y axis
  • M + Z = Move part(s) on the z axis

Rotating -

  • S + X = Scales part(s) on the x axis
  • S + Y = Scales part(s) on the y axis
  • S + Z = Scales part(s) on the z axis

Scaling -

  • R + X = Rotate part(s) on the x axis
  • R + Y = Rotate part(s) on the y axis
  • R + Z = Rotate part(s) on the z axis

Union - U = Unions selected parts together

Group - G = Groups selected parts together in a un-modified model in workspace

Cut -

  • / + X = Cut part(s) on the x axis
  • / + Y = Cut part(s) on the y axis
  • / + Z = Cut part(s) on the z axis

Return = Stops all current active keybind functions

What is planned in the future?

  • Better rotation handling/no spazzing out

  • Custom keybind settings

  • Keybind list toolbar/menu

If you have any suggestions or feedback, PM me, DM me or reply to this post. I will probably get back to you in a few hours and if I like the suggestion, it will be implemented within five days.

Thank you for reading this topic and I hope my plugin proves some use to you!


And… why should I use this, not just move the part?

It’s to help make building more efficient i believe.

@aven_ue I’m interested in trying out the cutting along the axis, that seems cool.


For one, you can use keybinds which saves a great amount of time as said in my post. Also, before posting, please read my topic as I explained it’s uses and what it is for.

It splits it into two parts on that specific axis (in case my documentation on it didn’t really tell what it does.)

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Fixed the scaling keybinds so they match correctly. I am aware that when you press S it zooms you out, so the scaling keybinds will be changed shortly.