Shadow/Technology issue in studio?

This has only recently become a problem for me. For some reason the shadows aren’t appearing in ‘game mode’, but are in studio.

I’ve had a look at various posts, but I can’t seem to find one that covers why this specific incident is happening.

I’m using the ‘Future technology’, so my first thought was it may be a glitch.


Game Mode

I would appreciate if someone helped me. Shadows and lighting alter the dynamics of a game greatly

As @loueque said in another post, it’s in beta and only shows in studio and not in game.


Thank you! I didn’t realised it would only show in studio

Is there any trick for adding shadows?

There are ShadowMap and Voxel lightings. You can try using them

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Unfortunately it doesn’t give the same lighting affect. There are hardly any shadows in ShadowMap

I’ve tried that already sorry.

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My graphics are at full in game

You can just wait until the Future lighting comes out. Will not be long

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