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Hi there! My name’s Peter (aka. ShapeDemBricks, formerly SolidBlocks / SlopranoDark). I’ve been on Roblox since 2009 and have improved a lot over the years since I started developing. In this topic I’ll showcase my skills for those interested. Note, that it might be missing stuff. This will be updated periodically. :smiley:


I started building somewhere around 2010 together with a good old friend LightArceus who left the virtual world behind after a real life accident, unfortunately. He helped me script the game called Light VS Dark, a childhood game concept.
After his departing, I still built things on Roblox. Most of the stuff is shown in this topic. Eventually, when meshes were allowed again, I started using Blender 3D.


Alongside commisions, I also participate(d) in a few projects.
I’d like to name each of them in the spoiler below! :slight_smile:

List of Projects

Previous Projects

RedManta (Founded by AbstractAlex & Sharksie)

Game: Knife Capsules (Now known as: Super Knife Frenzy!)

  • I made over 45 knifes for this game of which about 38 were implemented;

Current Projects

Universal Development (Founded by me)

Game: Legend of the Eldritch

Encore Pictures (Founded by BrickEffect)

Game: HollyTown

  • Modelling cars;


3D Design

(I was once featured in the Roblox Spotlight segment in a stream of theirs with my dragon models!)

2015 - 2016

2016 - 2017

2017 - 2018



2D Design

2016 - 2017



Note: The images above may be called after the date it was taken; this doesn’t mean it’s also the date I actually created the object!


For more information on my translations, check this topic:


While college is ongoing, you’re free to contact me even when you’re uncertain! We could talk about your request and see what the options are. In case it’s too much for me, I’ll definitely let you know before we start anything.

Please be aware of the fact that college is top priority. It means that free my time is fluctuating among other things.
One week I’ll be available more than the other. I’m hoping for your understandings!

I’m also open to join projects! This does depend on multiple factors such as:

  • Am I already part of a project?
  • What’s the payment like?
  • What’s the pressure / workflow like?
  • How far away is the deadline?

And probably some more.
In case everything seems positive, I could join your project!


Prices are negotiable and depend on the request. We’ll figure something out! :slight_smile:
I accept either hourly pay or per asset.
Due to some important positive changes I now accept both Robux AND USD without preference! Mix and matching is absolutely fine.
It’s up to you! :smile:

NOTE: When we agreed to a certain price, this should be the exact amount I’d receive.
This means that you’d cover any additional costs. (e.g for if we use Paypal or the 30% Roblox market fee)

In case you’re not keen with that, we could always talk about it to find a compromise if not a solution! :slight_smile:

Withdrawal Fee

In case the request is discarded because of any reason after I made any kind of progress, you’d have to pay 25% of the price we agreed on to cover the work I invested in the request.


With Robux
We agreed on a price of 10000 R$.
10000 - (10000 * (1 - 0.25)) = R$ 2500.

This means that R$ 2500 should be paid to cover the effort.

With USD
We agreed on a price of $60.
60 - (60 * (1 - 0.25)) = $15.

This means that $15 should be paid to cover my effort.

The reason why I’m doing this is because it’s a waste of my time and energy when I get to hear that the commission is cancelled while I already made good progress.

So please make sure to have the idea clear when you commission me and make sure to make the idea clear to me as well to prevent this from happening. :slight_smile:


Deadline Discounts

Since it’s unfair to protect myself with withdrawal fee, practically leaving every customer ‘at risk’ when I don’t meet deadlines, I thought it’d be wise to somewhat protect you too!

Every customer that commissioned me AFTER this edit was made will be eligible for a discount on the final price. There’s a few conditions, however, which will be listed below.


  1. The discount must be discussed between the customer and me in a proper manner;
  2. Discounts are invalid as long as there’s no agreement;
    (We must both agree to the discount!)
  3. The discount we agreed on will not be eligible for adjustment.
    (Once a discount is made, this can’t be edited; Discarding the discount will always be possible!)
  4. Discussing a discount can only be done after the deadline has passed;
  5. The withdrawal fee is not influenced by any discount;
  6. A discount will ONLY be a one-time per commission, personal discount;
  7. Discounts do not stack! The customer is free to pick the right discount for them;
  8. This only counts for commissions; (This excludes projects!)

Special Discounts

Every now and then I’ll announce a special discount for every customer to use!

Discount Properties

  1. An alphanumeric code;
  2. Expiration date;
  3. Maximum uses;
    (A discount can be used at least once!)

Discount Conditions

  1. Doesn’t stack with any other discount or itself;
  2. Can only be used while it’s active;
  3. Can only be used ONCE per commission;
  4. The given discount can not be negotiated;
  5. Can not be associated with Deadline Discounts;
    (The customer is free to pick one discount!)
  6. The withdrawal fee is not influenced by any discount;
  7. This only counts for commissions (not projects) unless otherwise specified;
  8. You must provide the code to me when you want to use the discount;

An active discount will be shown in the spoiler below including an expiration date and its value in percentage so you’re aware of when it ends and how much it is.

Active Discount

There is currently no discount available!
Please, come back later. :slight_smile:

When a code expires or reached its maximum uses, it’ll no longer have an effect.

In case you have any questions, don’t be afraid to let me know! I’m more than happy to answer them. :slight_smile:


Would you like to hear it from somebody else? No problem!
Check the spoiler below for the opinions of people I worked for. :smiley:

List of References

Hoshpup (Individual Developer)

“As a development partner, I would say you are hardworking, open to criticism, work through problems and changes quickly, easy to work with and completed the tasks with great attention to detail making sure to stay true to the references but also putting your own creative spin on things.”

Rating (0 - 10)
“I’d have to put 8 as a final score.”

Discord: hoshpup#9739
Twitter: @hoshpup

Cody_Nelson (Founder of Exohda)

“I’ve worked on many projects with Peter over the years. He’s been one of the most consistent and hard working people on my team at any given time. Peter is very good at listening to instructions and is extremely creative. He’s very patient and helpful in finding and creating what you had envisioned, I have always been pleased with the work he provides. Overall, an astonishingly talented developer that is very easy to work with.”

Rating (0 - 10)
“I would definitely rate Peter 10 out of 10, he’s never let me down even in the most challenging of scenarios.”

Twitter: @Exohda

BlockFaceSteve (Co-founder of Block Evolution Studios)

“Working with ShapeDemBricks has been a great experience. As a top-class developer, he has delivered professional work well within agreed deadlines. The emphasis on regular communication and progress reports reassured us that deadlines are being reached and that the project was going ahead as planned.”

Rating (0 - 10)
“Solid 10, would be using ShapeDemBricks’ services even more in the future.”

Direct Twitter: @BlockFaceSteve
Studio Twitter: @BlockEvolution

Average Rating: 9.3/10

Your Questions Answered


1) What’s your attitude like?
Generally I’m an enthusiastic, friendly and understanding person ready to learn & create things for you!

2) What’s your professionality like?
I prefer to think “If this was my real job, would I act like this?” I tend to show my professional, mature appearance first. Once we get to know each other better, that may slightly change but it will never become drastically chaotic.

3) How old are you?
As of now, I’m 19 years old. This can be found on pretty much every profile I have. :sweat_smile:
But to those who missed it, there you go! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1) Which software do you know / use?
I’m mostly comfortable in Blender 3D. This is the software I use to make meshes. I’m learning Autodesk Maya at college and may start using that for things like this as well.

I’m also familiar with …
… Roblox Studio.

And I also know …
… Photoshop,
… After Effects.

2) Do you know how to optimise?
Certainly! Especially for 3D modelling, I know how to optimise good enough to preserve quality as well!

3) Are you familiar with UV unwrapping?
Yes. I know how to UV unwrap things properly. However, the complexity of the model may influence the difficulty. Know that I’m not familiar with texturing yet!

4) What’s your speciality in terms of development?
I’d say that would be 3D modelling.


You can contact me in various ways:
Discord: ShapeDemBricksRBX#7515
Twitter: @ShapeDemBricks
DevForums: @ShapeDemBricks or in the replies below!

Thank you for your interests! :slight_smile:


Wow! Great 3D Modeled characters, any tutorial source you’ve read/watched, your level is higher than mines in general!


You definitely did an amazing job with remaking the Daedric bow from Skyrim (I played enough Skyrim to spot the shape of it basically instantly).


Extrodinary 3D modeling! If your services are needed I’ll be sure to message you!

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Wowie, I made so much I can’t even remember them all now. :weary:

Hey everyone! I just updated my availability. :smiley:
Just a heads up for those interested.

I’d like to inform you about an important highlight that I forgot to write! :sweat_smile:

Also, since I’ve pretty much given up on my project Legend of the Eldritch for now, I’d have slightly more time for commissions compared to what I had before. So feel free to contact me for commissions! :slight_smile:

I might even allow joining projects. But this depends on multiple factors we’d have to discuss up-front!
Read the OP for more info on that. :smiley:

Edit: I noticed that my Discord tag was old; it’s now been updated with my new Discord tag! Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’ve made some changes to this topic.
There’s now a References section. In case you’re a (prior) customer, I may contact you with the question whether you’d like to be a reference. Instructions will be found in that DM.

I also added a in-depth Q&A section where you can find answers on questions you may have. In case you still have questions, you can always contact me with the given links under the Contact header.

As final note, it appears I forgot to move the Translation topic to the public category, hence probably some of you couldn’t view it! Sorry about that. :sweat_smile:
This should now be visible to everyone!

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Lots of amazing 3D models and builds in Roblox Studio! I love the look of them, there’s too many for me to point them all out individually though :sweat_smile:

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Thank you :smiley: It’s very appreciated!

My pleasure :slightly_smiling_face: You have made lots of amazing models and it was a great time scrolling through your works as you progressed through the years!

It makes me wonder when I’ll be up to the stage where I’m able to properly UV Map and texture in Blender, with the colors importing to Roblox Studio…

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Hello everybody! :slightly_smiling_face:
I just wanted to point out an important highlight found in the OP:

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Hey everybody!
Just wanted to highlight this new addition as it’s quite important. :sweat_smile:


Hey, I tried adding you on Discord but your username doesn’t seem to be up to date!


Hello, his new Discord is ShapeDemBricksRBX#7515.


Oh that’s right! My Nitro expired; let me change it to the right tag :sweat_smile:


Hey hey! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know that I organized the topic a bit better by using spoilers!
This topic should look less frightening now … :eyes:

I also added a new header:

Your Portfolio is pretty good, although I can say that your 3D Modeling is far beyond better than your UI capabilities.

Good luck man.

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I really like your work! I sent you a request on discord.

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