Share-Fairies: A game in 1 week

Just wanted to share my new game on here, get some feedback and some players. It’s a bit eccentric, fair warning (also tons of screenshots bc they say more about the game than I feel my paragraphs are going to).

It’s almost more of a showcase, though I deliberately wanted it to have at least a simple form of actual gameplay, so if it just feels like “it’s pretty and there’s nothing to do” I’ve failed. You could almost describe it as a small-scale, open-world version of Journey (by thatgamecompany) - it’s definitely it’s own thing but there are some similarities in genre and design intention, and what I did to the chat was directly inspired by that game.

I wanted to create an experience that was really safe and accessible for all players, regardless of age, language, financial status, skill level, etc. while still keeping the core gameplay dependent on player interactions. This means that Share-Fairies has:

– No monetization or in-game purchases (not counting Premium Payouts, of course)
– No fail states/game over
– No written text
– No text chat (!)

What it does have is a visual style that should look good on a potato and beautiful on your high-end PC. It has five fairy types, a music/visual chat that I’ve somewhat pretentiously called “Fairysong”, gameplay that hopefully encourages social interaction in spite of the lack of traditional chat, and free models i’m so so sorry there’s just one but I twisted it and contorted it and procedurally randomized it and put it pretty much everywhere i don’t know how to make a mushroom in blender don’t burn me alive pls

It’s ambitious in direction but unambitious in scope - you can finish the “objective” of finding all fairy types easily in a single play session, so long as there are other players in the server helping (so maybe not). But conversely, it’s probably the first experience on Roblox that I’ve made which I feel is “complete” - it has everything in it that I want it to have, so I’m kind of uniquely content with it, whereas my past games have always been “if only I could have done ____ better” or “imagine if I ever got around to adding _____”.

I’m not expecting it to be everyone’s cup of tea. Please give honest feedback - even though I’m a small, casual dev who doesn’t do this for a living. That doesn’t mean just be negative (if you like something, please say so :tongue:) but feel free to critique the stuff that you don’t like. Do keep in mind that I’m not expecting this to be the next front-page hit or anything, though - it’s a small, quick experiment. Like the title says, I made this in under a week of dev time, despite not having touched Roblox in a few years - so if you’re expecting Jailbreak, you’ll be disappointed.

The game is currently public, but given that I’m a tiny casual not-for-profit indie dev with a very un-viable game model, I haven’t given it like a marketed release or anything. You can play here, and I appreciate the time you’ve spent if you do.

– The Snaptivator


Hi. Truly beautiful, hypnotic, soothing, surreal, serene but confusing place to be. The visuals are stunning and the gentle floating effect is wonderful.
However, I had no idea what I was doing or where to go or what the Tool actually did apart from shoot off into the distance.
If there is an objective (ie finding the other fairy types) it might be wise to put a hint button in. Perhaps just a simple question mark style button that makes an effect trail, pointing the player in the direction they should be looking to persuade them to explore.
It would be nice to be able to get on top of the mushrooms or to fly around, which is what I would expect a fairy to be able to do.
It was a beautiful experience. Thank you.

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Oh and the link to your game points to Server Instances, instead of the game About page.

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Flight is possible, although I explain it nowhere (like the professional developer that I am) - you have to actually tap slowly to flap your wings, is the trick. You can’t just hold in the jump, or mash the button fast.

Everything you said about it being confusing is completely fair. It is. That’s kind of deliberate, but also presents problems which I haven’t really overcome. A hint button would only function in certain contexts and would at times be more confusing then not having one, I’m afraid (it could also spoil the secret of the game very quickly). But you’re right, I probably could have maybe done something more deliberate to guide the player rather than just throw them in.

Thanks, fixed.

What game jam did I miss again?

This looks absolutely stunning!
It’s really the kind of place your dreams would be taken in or just another fever dream. But either way this does look like something unique and out of the ordinary. It really is rare to find unique games nowadays and this is probably the best example of that!

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I’ve had another play and could fly. Yay! I enjoyed that. I still couldn’t find any other types in there despite wandering about for quiet a while.
Are you looking to put some form of gameplay “mechanics” to it? I think a simple collect the “item” to give stamina to fly further/higher would be good to keep players engaged and encourage more exploration to find your dastardly hidden fairy types.
I’d love to see this progress further as it is so beautifully done.

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I am very glad you didn’t call it Fairy-Simulator as the description stated

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